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Remote Working Solutions

Operate your business from anywhere whilst still providing the same exceptional service your customers know and appreciate.

Mobile Apps

Turn your smartphone or desktop into an extension of your phone system and keep all of your business telephone’s functionality.

Remote Access

Work from anywhere in the world with access to everything on your work PC.


Ensure your team is able to efficiently work remotely by providing them with the latest lightning-fast technology

Mobile Apps

Take business calls from anywhere.

Make and receive calls from your business line on your mobile phone. Deliver the same excellent communication when out of the office whilst keeping your mobile number private.

All calls can still be recorded and missed business calls logged

On-Hold messages and your Auto-Attendant still play

Suitable for an entire workforce working remotely

Remote Access

Access your work PC from any device.

Log into your work desktop from another room in your office or from a beach hundreds of miles away. Use all of your business’ software, access all of your files and even send printing to your business’ printer.

Compatible with a range of operating systems

Secure technology that protects your computer from unauthorised access

Accessible with low bandwidths


Utilise the latest technology to increase staff productivity.

Enable your team to work efficiently from home with the latest technology.

Guarantee that your software will run on your employee’s laptops, your data is protected with business-grade antivirus and your staff can work efficiently without the stress of slow technology.

Range of models available

Benefit from the latest technology

Allow staff to work on the move or from anywhere

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From family owned dental practices and restaurants, to multi-site medical practices and care homes.We can supply your business with a package bespoke to its needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we work with every one of our customers to come up with the perfect message to fit their business. If you’re stuck on where to start, don’t worry. Feel free to choose from our industry specific scripts to get you started.

A script that engages the caller rather than just pitches to them. Think of your target audience and consider what they’d want to hear about whilst on the phone, and base your message on that.

Yes, simply get in touch with a member of the team and we will be happy to assist you.

Yes, if you’d rather have just music for your callers to listen to whilst on hold, we can set this up for you.

In this situation you have a number of options. You can transfer them to another department, encourage them to leave a voicemail or sit in a call queue until the team is available. The Yo Telecom team can talk through your options and set all of this up for you.

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