Full Coverage WiFi

Business-grade WiFi that covers your entire premises. 100% coverage guaranteed.

Work From Anywhere On Site

Work flexibly and roam freely without any dropouts.

Fastest Speeds Across Your Whole Premises

Receive the same fast speeds everywhere on site with no black spots.

Provide A Better Customer Experience

Provide fast, reliable WiFi to all of your visitors, clients or patients.

How Can Yo Telecom Full Coverage WiFi Help My Business Succeed?

Work From  Anywhere On Site

Regardless of the thickness of your business’ walls or the size or shape of your building, Yo Telecom offers a 100% coverage guarantee.

Our expert engineers create a structured network allowing you to access fast, reliable WiFi from anywhere on site. Roam freely without a dropout.

100% WiFi coverage guarantee

Reliably use your devices in any room

Enable staff collaboration

100% WiFi coverage guarantee

Reliably use your devices in any room 

Enable staff collaboration

Fastest Speeds Across Your Whole Premises

Not only will your WiFi reach every area of your building, we ensure the same fast speeds from anywhere on site too.

No longer experience areas with a slow WiFi connection.

Receive the fastest speeds available

Increase your team's productivity

Stream or video call with ease

Receive the fastest available

Increase your team’s productivity

Stream or video call with ease

Provide A Better Customer Experience

Guests almost always expect free WiFi to be available when they visit a business. Ensure that your WiFi reaches every table, every guest room or every waiting area with Yo Telecom.

Keep your customer's happy

Prioritise your staff's connection over your customers'

Collect marketing data with our Smart Customer Wifi Add-on

Keep your customer’s happy

Prioritise your staff’s connection over your customers’

Collect marketing data with our Smart Customer WiFi add-on

How Do We Guarantee 100% WiFi Coverage

Our expert engineers create a structured network of hidden data cables from your main router to strategically located points throughout your building. At Yo Telecom, we call these Access Points.

These Access Points send and receive WiFi signals. They are physically hardwired into your main router and send out clean data that isn’t deteriorated in any way.

Whilst on site, one of our engineers ensures that the signal given out by each device overlaps and that it is all on one WiFi network. This means you can walk around your building with all of your devices connected. 100% coverage, guaranteed.

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Why Choose  Yo Telecom?

24/7 In-House Tech Support

In need of support? Our expert team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 888 on any Yo handset and we’ll be happy to help.

Fully Managed Installation

Our expert engineers build your system just the way you want it, to your specifications, making it completely bespoke to your business and its needs.

Extensive Staff Training

As well as completely installing your new system, we also provide thorough on-site staff training, to help you get the most out of your new technology.

What  Our Customers

Have To Say... 

From family owned dental practices and restaurants, to multi-site medical practices and care homes.We can supply your business with a package bespoke to its needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Unsure? We’ll Answer Your Questions Here

WiFi is the technology that allows devices to connect to the internet without the need for a physical wired connection. It works using radio waves to wirelessly send data to and from a device, to a router that is connected to the internet.

Broadband is a type of internet connection given by your internet service provider, whereas WiFi is a way of connecting to the broadband to access the internet.

Yes, check out our Business Broadband page to see all of the options we have available.

Yes! No business is too big nor too small. Yo Telecom works with 2 surgery dental practices all the way up to 200 bed care homes.

Yes! We can either set up a separate network name with a separate password or we also offer Smart Customer WiFi. This allows you to provide password-less WiFi in return for marketing details. Guests log in to your WiFi using their social media or email address, if they opt in, this data is then automatically stored for you to use for future marketing purposes. 

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