How to build a strong team

How to Build a Strong Team

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You’ll often hear that the key to the success of your business is the team of people you have working behind it. This couldn’t be more true!

At Yo Telecom we pride ourself on having the best team of people that are all working towards our shared mission.

We thought we would share our tips on how we have created such an amazing team.

Let’s get started.

1. Choose the Right People

I know this sounds like an obvious piece of advice but so often we see companies hiring people just to make up numbers.

A quick hire is not always the right person to hire and often this can have a negative affect on your business. If the person isn’t a true match for your business it’s likely they will end up unhappy and eventually they will leave.

Companies that hire in this way often end up with the revolving door effect and this will be detrimental to your employee turnover stats.

We have 10 core values that we all live and work by. When we hiring new recruits for our team we ask questions based on these values to see if the person is a good match for our team.

Qualifications and experience aren’t always the most important thing. It’s whether the person will get on with the rest of the team that really counts.

2. Focus on Your Team

Unless you hire for the reasons mentioned above, everyone in your team has been hired for a reason. That reason being that they bring something new and exciting to the table!

For this reason you need to make sure that everyone feels their job matters and that they’re not just another cog in the machine.

You don’t want a room of people that are sat around wondering why they’re here so you need to make sure each team member feels valued.

A great way to do this is by celebrating the success of your team. If you see someone doing great work, make it known! Give them a shout out in front of everyone.

Not only does this make that employee feel great but it will also motivate others to work hard in order to get a shout out.

3. Get to Know Each Other

Getting to know someone as more than just their job role is so important.

Team building isn’t just a one off event that took place when you first started your business, it’s an ongoing process! Taking the time out for weekly or monthly team outings will help bring your team together and will allow everyone to get to know each other.

We have quarterly meetings with the whole team, as well as monthly department meals and many other random events.

By doing this we have a team that are great friends both inside and outside of work!

4. Ensure you Have Great Leaders

Your team will only be as good as the people leading them. A weak leader will make a weak team and a strong leader will make a strong team.

It’s important that to make sure that those people who are leading your team(s) have all the training they need to be able to lead effectively and efficiently.

Without this it will be like the blind leading the blind and your business won’t be able to progress at the speed you want it to.


By following these simple steps you will be able to ensure that you have a super strong team that are all working towards increasing the success of your business.

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