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What is the Best WiFi System For Hotels?

When was the last time you visited a hotel that didn’t offer Guest WiFi?


According to Hotel Chatter, 94% of people consider Wi-Fi as the most important hotel amenity and research has also shown that guests who don’t have WiFi in their room have been known to write bad reviews on TripAdvisor and other online platforms.


Not only is WiFi almost always expected by guests, but it’s becoming increasingly relied upon by staff for booking systems too. Rather than be tied down to the front desk, a reliable WiFi connection allows your staff to work on any device from anywhere in your hotel, without any interruptions.


In our experience of helping hundreds of hotels, we’ve seen these two common issues:

– WiFi stops working in certain parts of the building

– WiFi is tediously slow


These issues can lead to  a number of implications, most critically; unproductive staff and frustrated guests.


With the right supplier,  however, something can be done about poor WiFi and its knock-on effect on your hotel’s success.


The Causes of Most WiFi Problems:

From our experience of helping hundreds of hotels with their telecommunications, these are the most common causes of WiFi problems;

– The distance from the router

– The power of the signal given out by the WiFi device

– Obstructions like thick walls in your hotel


Typically, the further away from the router you are,  the worse your WiFi connection is. The average WiFi signal will cover is just over 30 meters, about the length of 7 cars parked in a row.


With this in mind, imagine you are at the furthest end of your hotel – does your WiFi reach there? If your router is in your main office, chances are it won’t reach across your whole building.  If your hotel also has thick walls, this could also be causing connection issues, due to the WiFi waves being redirected, weakened or even stopped.


Whilst WiFi extenders or ‘boosters’ often work in the short term, they are not without faults and often lead to drop outs or slow connections.


So, What is the Best WiFi System For Hotels?


With a Yo Telecom WiFi System, we create a structured network of hidden data cables from where your main router is, to strategically located points throughout your hotel – we call these WiFi Access Points.


These WiFi access points send and receive WiFi signals. Because they are physically hard wired into your main router, they send out clean data that isn’t deteriorated in any way.


One of our professional engineers will then ensure that the signal given out by each device overlaps and that it is all on one WiFi network. This means you are able to walk around your hotel with your devices and it’ll automatically connect to the access point with the best connection.


The result of having a Yo Telecom professional WiFi system is having the best WiFi that reaches every room in your entire hotel. Meaning you, your staff and guests can browse happily with no frustrating drop outs or interruptions.


What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Yo Telecom WiFi System For Your Hotel?

100% WiFi Coverage Guaranteed Across Your Entire Hotel

Both your staff and guests will benefit from having full building WiFi throughout your hotel. The nightmare of guests connecting to WiFi in reception and then complaining that it doesn’t work in their room is a thing of the past. Every room gets the same connection, with fast, reliable speeds.


WiFi Data Capture

Receive valuable marketing data in return for offering free WiFi for your guests. WiFi Data Capture requires guests to sign into the WiFi with information such as their mobile number, email address or social media accounts. This is fully GDPR compliant and can then be used to encourage guests back to your hotel at a later date. Not only does it allow you to grow your contact database, but prevents you from being pestered for the WiFi password, as it only requires their details.


Prioritise Traffic

Without getting into the complexities of the network, with a Yo Telecom WiFi System you can give your staff priority over your guests.

So, if a member of staff needs to access your booking system online, but you have a guest who is also checking their Facebook at the same time, in a split second your staff member will get their information first.

In a nutshell, your staff’s work will not be slowed down or compromised because of other users being connected to your internet.


Business Grade Security (Firewall)

A firewall is a security system that prevents unauthorised access to or from a private network. This is important for businesses, like your hotel, that have databases that contain confidential information. A firewall will protect this information from hackers so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This comes as standard with a Yo Telecom WiFi System.


So, there we have it, a roundup of the best WiFi System for Hotels. Interested in setting up a free demo for your hotel? Just drop your details in the form below and one of the team will be in touch!

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