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"Call Recording helps for safety and for confidence. If we had taken medical advice [over the phone] not only did we have to write it down, but we had to pass the phone to someone else to hear the exact same message. Which is time-consuming. With Call Recording I can advise the nurses, don't worry we can play it back and hear the instructions."

It's also helped with lots of other things. Frequently, someone calls in sick and says "I spoke to 'oh so-and-so' at 5AM." Now we know if they really have rung in or not."

From the initial contact to the whole installation was less than two weeks. It was very smooth, it was very professional, and also exceeding cost effective!"

— Christine Hanwell, Manager


"The service I get from my dedicated account manager is fantastic! And the value for money is the best we've had in 23 years!

One of the ways Yo Telecom have helped us with the success of our business is to give us a visual of any missed calls that we've had. You'd be surprised at how many patients call us at 8, 9 or 10 in the evening and don't leave a message. But with the Yo Telecom system, we are able to get a list of any missed calls! Our receptionists might be busy with other patients or they both might be busy on the line - those patients are captured and we're able to call them back and get them booked in. Like this, we don't miss any appointments, and patients actually love it!"

— Giselle Lamberio, Manager


"The system is amazing! Our seniors can now carry the Cordless Phones around with them so that incoming calls aren't ringing for long periods of time. And when a resident has a phone call we can take the phone to them no matter where they are which is really nice!

The installation process was really quick. Ryan came down, went through all the phones we had and the names of the units. Then within a week two guys came down, and I didn't even know they were there, they did everything as if they weren't there. It was so good! It's 1000% improved! I love it!"

I would definitely recommend Yo Telecom to every Care Home. It's 1000% improved! I love it!"

— Nicola Masters, Manager


"We needed to make sure we got the right supplier who could help us make sure we set up correctly.

Yo Telecom showed to us that they could help us and adapt to our needs and they did just that...

We needed Yo Telecom to provide us a complete solution.

We needed a leased line, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a whole telephone system, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a complete network for all of our computers and staff, Yo Telecom provided that solution for us...

They did everything that we needed for our IT and telecoms to run a hospital that was complete cloud based and at the cutting edge of technology.

We're moving forward exactly the way we want with exactly the services that we need."

— Iqbal Dhanji, Co-Funder