Increase your success
with the #1 Business Telephone System in Southampton.

One phone system to increase the success of your business.
Three simple options to implement it.

Digital Phone System
A purely digital phone system.

Digital phone systems can make and receive calls through analogue and digital phone lines. They’re reliable but not that flexible for the future.

Recommended for small businesses (1-49 handsets) that prefer digital lines.

VOIP (Internet) Phone System
A purely internet phone system.

VOIP or cloud phone systems can only make or receive calls through the internet.They’re future-proof, but do solely rely on an internet connection.

Recommended for medium businesses (50+ handsets) that have a leased line.

Hybrid Phone System

The best of both worlds.

A hybrid phone system can make and receive calls through analogue, digital and VOIP lines. They’re reliable, future-proof and popular.

Recommended for small businesses (1-49 handsets) who like flexibility.

Call us to discuss the best option for your business
Our consultants will work with you to find out the best option for your business. We’ll educate you on the options and if you’re interested we can give you a free demo.

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Business Phone Systems that make communication great in Southampton

Here are some ways we’ve helped other businesses in Southampton increase their success and make communication a joy for their clients and staff.

Get back to callers who had unanswered calls
The average business misses 2555 calls per year (7 per day). 85% of people won’t call back. 75% won’t leave a message. That’s a problem, as missed calls can lead to lots of missed opportunities.

With your new Yo Telecom phone system, you’ll receive a notification of any missed calls. You might miss a call, but when you call them back you can easily save the opportunity.

Help your staff communicate and perform better
Staff training is one of the differences between elite businesses, and mediocre businesses. And we’ve found that companies that have great staff training outperform ones that don’t by up to 400%.

With your new Yo Telecom phone system you’ll be able to listen to any call that’s taken place. And guide your entire team to become expert communicators.

Increase interest in certain products and services
Placing people on hold and boring them with silence, or annoying them with tedious music can upset callers and cause them to hang-up. Not what you want when trying to increase your success.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system will come with tailored on hold marketing messages. The purpose of these is to educate, inform and get your clients to take a specific action.

Talk on Cordless Phones in your entire building
Your building may be big. Your building may have thick walls. You may have your business split over two or more buildings. These can be reasons that your cordless phones don’t work everywhere.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system guarantees your cordless phones to work in your entire building. Yes, that’s right. Upstairs, downstairs, over in the corner and everywhere in between. With no blind-spots.

Swap engaged tones for professional greetings
Most phone set-ups are restricted on the amount of inbound calls possible. And when your phones get busy, your callers are likely to hear the dreaded engaged tone and just call elsewhere.

But, your new Yo Telecom system was built to overcome engaged tones. When you’re busy on all your phones it’ll play callers an announcement to let them know and tell them you’ll be with them soon.

Easily transfer calls to other internal phones or mobiles
If you don’t currently have the ability to transfer calls, not only do you make the customer experience not as good as it can be, but you’ll be wasting a lot of time running your phones around the building.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system makes it so simple to transfer calls both internally and externally. Yep, you can transfer calls out to mobiles or other landlines.

3 reasons choosing Yo Telecom is a shrewd move for growing businesses in Southampton

Everything we do, every product we provide, and every innovation we create is all for one powerful purpose. Helping businesses increase their success. So from the moment we first talk, all the way through to your installation and beyond we operate on the basis of helping you increase your success.

Some telecoms companies don’t train their clients. Some telecoms companies train their clients how to transfer a call and place someone on hold. Yo Telecom educates and coaches leaders of businesses how to increase their success. Not something you’ll directly pay us for, but worth way more than everything you’ll ever pay us.

Here’s one way we’re innovating customer service. We found out, that a lot of businesses find it’s hard to contact their telecoms provider. We’re different, we want to make it as easy as possible to contact us, which is why our clients can dial “888” from any one of our handsets and be connected to our support team in 5 seconds. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Check out some Yo Telecom reviews here.

What areas of Southampton do we supply to?
We provide business phone systems to every area of Southampton, including; Portswood, Bevois Valley, Woolston, Sholing, St Mary’s, Hamble, Ocean Village, Basset, Bitterne, Shirley, Totton, Lyndhurst, Rownhams, Nursling, Chilworth, Eastleigh, Hedge End, Botley, West End, Romsey and many more!

What is a Business Telephone System?
A mixture of hardware and software which when connected to phone lines and handsets enables a business to communicate with it’s customers in a flexible, professional manner.

What is VOIP?
VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means that your calls go through the internet, rather than through a traditional phone line.

Is Digital, VOIP or Hybrid the best phone system?
We offer all three options.
We believe, and so do most of our clients, the Hybrid phone system is by far the best. You lose nothing from choosing a hybrid system. You get the flexibility of a VOIP phone system, with more reliability than a Digital phone system.

Will our new Cordless Phones to work in our entire building?
Yes. We survey your building and use modern cordless technology which can cover entire buildings, regardless of thickness of walls or the size of the building.

Can we have cordless headsets?
Absolutely. We love cordless headsets, and if you don’t currently use them you’ll love them too. Once you work with one, you will never go back.

How does Yo Telecom’s pricing work?
We now offer all our clients four Communications Plans. Green, Gold, Platinum and Black. They all vary in price, functionality and service. Our clients love that our plans are just one fixed monthly price – no more need for multiple bills from multiple providers.

What is the most popular Yo Telecom Communications Plan?
Popularity varies from industry to industry, but our Platinum Communications Plan is the most popular for most industries. It is great value.

Does Yo Telecom install phone systems?
YES! We don’t just send you a bunch equipment and cables and say good luck. Instead, we fit your phone system from start to finish, and to put the cherry on the top give you great training afterwards.

How long does installation take?

Here are some estimates of how long installations typically take for:

Care Homes 5-30 beds: 1 – 2 days.

Care Homes 31-100+ beds: 2 – 5 days.

Dental Practices: 1 – 2 days.

GP Surgeries: 1-3 days.

Hair Salons: 1 day.

Hotels: 1-5 days.

Restaurants: 1-2 days.

Estate Agent: 1-2 days.

Is there downtime during installation?
We have a super awesome two-phase installation process that has minimal downtime (1-2 minutes). The only downtime is the time it takes us to unplug your old lines from your old equipment, and plug it into your new Yo Telecom Busines Phone System! 🙂

Got some more questions?

Just give us a call! One of our helpful consultants will answer any questions you have and if you’re impressed, we’ll stop by and give you a free demo! We have expert telecoms consultants in Southampton everyday.

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