Another Happy Yo Telecom Customer – Kuti’s Brasserie

Earlier this year Yo Telecom worked with Kuti’s Brasserie in Southampton.

Serving delicious Indian food, as well as being available to hire for weddings and events, the restaurant is a popular Southampton eating spot. In 2008 Kuti Miah took on the grand, but derelict, waterfront building, and set about turning it into the successful business it is today.

He chatted with us about his Yo Telecom experience.

“He was always there with a lovely smile”

Mr Miah says a large part of the reason he chose to work with Yo Telecom was the level of service he received. Speaking about Ryan, our co-founder, he joked, “Normally I’m a difficult person to get through to, but he killed me with the sugar…He was a fantastic guy.”

Very quickly, he tells us, the Yo Telecom staff became his “family”.

What we did for Kuti’s

Before switching to Yo Telecom, the restaurant was using a basic “high street” system. They experienced problems with calls being crackly, or dropping out a lot, and they were losing out on bookings as a result of being unable to log and return missed calls.

Since switching to Yo Telecom, they tell us that the day-to-day running of their business has “really improved”. They are benefiting from stronger WiFi that reaches the whole business, and the call logging feature has helped them to strengthen communication with their customers.

How did you find the process of switching over?

Julia Toms, Kuti’s marketing manager says: “We didn’t notice when they were setting up; it was a completely smooth process. The engineers came straight in, with no disruption to our business.”

How would you rate Yo Telecom out of 10? And why that score?

10/10 because of the quality of service.

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6 Ways 21st Century Phone Systems Help Restaurants Succeed

We know that running a restaurant can be a very stressful job! That’s why we are committed to making things as easy as possible for you with our phone systems.

Managing staff, trying to get new customers and making sure everything in the restaurant runs smoothly, it’s a lot.

One thing we have noticed often gets neglected is communication, which is one of the most crucial things you need to succeed.

If you look at any successful organisation, you’ll notice they’re great communicators in one way or another. To guarantee the long-term success of your restaurant, it’s important you make great communication a priority.

You’ll be glad to hear that the Yo Telecom restaurant phone system will help make your communication great and as a result will help you increase the success of your restaurant! Here’s how:

1. See all Missed Calls and Call Them Back – Increasing Bookings and Revenue

You may find yourself missing more than just the odd call here and there. This usually happens due to being busy on the phone, helping your customers or because you are closed.

Unanswered or missed calls and engaged tones don’t leave the best impressions in a customer’s mind. If that isn’t bad enough, your potential customers are now just a Google search away from having a whole list of alternatives to choose from (your competition), if their phone call is left unanswered for too long.

Let’s think about it; say you lose one customer a day due to missed calls and on average the bill comes to £70.

This might not sound a lot if it’s just the bill of one booking. However, over a week that’s £490 and times that by the number of weeks in a year and that’s a lot of money to be missing out on – especially considering that’s from just one missed call a day. In busy periods, such a Christmas, it’s likely that you’ll miss more than just the one.

However, there’s hope! There is a way for you to see all of your missed calls as they happen – allowing you to call that customer back instantly.

Returning missed calls shows your customers a high level of service. Not only will they be impressed, but they will also very likely to make a reservation and tell all their friends about you.

This feature is called call logging. It logs and displays the phone number (and/or names of clients) along with the time and date they’ve called you.

It works exactly like the call log on your mobile phone, alerting you of the missed call, so you can take action and turn a potential missed opportunity into a booking.

2. Improve the Communication Skills of Your Reception Team

When a customer or potential customer calls into your restaurant, you need to ensure that the quality of your staff’s communication is very high.

“High quality communication implies a high level of service.” – Journal of Services Marketing.

“70% of people are willing to spend more with a business they believe offers excellent service.” – Survey conducted by American Express.

Imagine a customer is calling to enquire about the availability for a table of 6 in your restaurant for Friday night. The client will be expecting to have her questions answered in a friendly and professional manner. If your receptionist is in control of the call and the customer likes what she hears, this will result in the customer making the booking.

If your staff’s communication does not meet or exceed the expectation of the customer, (eg. questions not answered correctly, lots of “umming and erring”, or saying “the person you need to speak to isn’t here, can you call back?”) he/she will form an unhelpful impression of your restaurant and your potential new customer might be tempted to take their custom elsewhere.

This is where call recording becomes extremely valuable.

It enables you to review any interactions your staff have had with customers. You can then use the recordings as part of staff training to help see what the strengths and weaknesses of your staff are and how you can improve communication.

Without call recording, you won’t be able to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your communication, leaving you stuck in the dark and making it harder to improve.

3. Save Time When Existing Customers Phone You with Customer Name Display™

You probably use a reservation management software like Welcome Table or OpenTable which contains a database of all your customers.

The Yo Telecom phone system has the ability of instantly matching your customer’s phone number to their record in your software which will display their name before you pick up the phone.

This will save you having to ask for names, or even spellings.

Plus it means you can greet your existing customers by their name which shows them an excellent level of service which they will appreciate.

4. Get More Bookings and Improve Customer Service with a Professional out-of-hours Voicemail

A great way to increase your customer service and gain a few more bookings is to start offering an out-of-hours number to your customers.

With our Professional Out-of-Hours Voicemail, you can:

  1. Instantly get all your voicemail messages emailed to you – enabling you to take action right away.
  2. You can give customers the option to press a button to be connected to the restaurant owner or manager in the times you are willing to give out of hours service.

Overall, this keeps customers happy and helps you make more bookings!

5. Promote Services to Customers While They are on Hold

Occasionally, you will need to put customers on hold. It’s best that you keep waiting times to a minimum as it can become frustrating. When your customers are on hold, you should ensure that they don’t have to listen to tedious music or even worse – silence!

Over 85% of callers prefer on hold messages over silence. – Cellular Marketing Magazine

Hold times are a great opportunity for you to promote the services that your restaurant offers, such as christmas party bookings and any other special offers that you have on. You could even promote your social media pages. People are more likely to show an interest in a product or service if they know what it’s about and its benefits.

Yo Telecom’s on hold marketing messages are tailored to the goals of your restaurant and they’re expertly scripted to “hit the spot” to get customers to enquire further.

6. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Engaged Tone Once and for all

Traditional analogue lines can only make or receive one call at any given time. So when you’re busy on the phone, your line will be engaged. This means customers will be abruptly cut off by an engaged tone. Leaving them with a poor impression of your restaurant.

Not only is it frustrating for the customer, who is often calling to make a reservation, but it’s also frustrating for you as you don’t want to be throwing opportunities in the bin.

With the Yo Telecom phone system you can choose the right amount of inbound lines available on your main phone number. For smaller restaurants this might be two, but it could be as many as 6+.

So instead of your customers hearing engaged tones while you’re busy, they’ll hear a professional message letting them know you’re busy on all your phones and will be with them soon!

You can even give customers the option to press 1 and leave a message if they’d prefer.

3 Step Plan to Increase the Success of Your Restaurant
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We’ll take care of the whole switch over and will train you to make the most of all of the features on your new phone system!


Investing in great communications leads to greater success and happier customers.

The combined improvements that are a result of just these 6 points can add hundreds of thousands of pounds to the yearly revenue of your restaurant. Plus, result in customers that are happier due to simple and helpful communication.

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