Business Telephony

Increase your success with Yo Telecom! One phone system to increase the success of your business. Three simple options to implement it.

Digital Phone System

A purely digital phone system.

Digital phone systems can make and receive calls through analogue and digital phone lines. They’re reliable but not that flexible for the future.

Recommended for small businesses (1-49 handsets) that prefer digital lines.

VOIP (Internet) Phone System

A purely internet phone system.

VOIP or Cloud phone systems can only make or receive calls through the internet. They’re future-proof, but do solely rely on an internet connection.

Recommended for medium businesses (50+ handsets) that have a leased line.

Hybrid Phone System

The best of both worlds.

A Hybrid phone system can make and receive calls through analogue, digital and VOIP lines. They’re reliable, future-proof, and popular.

Recommended for small businesses (1-49 handsets) who like flexibility.

Why choose Yo?

Talk on Cordless Phones in your entire building

Your building may be big. Your building may have thick walls. You may have your business split over two or more buildings. These can be reasons that your cordless phones don’t work everywhere.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system guarantees your cordless phones to work in your entire building. Yes, that’s right. Upstairs, downstairs, over in the corner and everywhere in between. With no blind-spots.

Swap engaged tones for professional greetings

Most phone set-ups are restricted on the number of inbound calls possible. And when your phones get busy, your callers are likely to hear the dreaded engaged tone and just call elsewhere.

But, your new Yo Telecom system was built to overcome engaged tones. When you’re busy on all your phones it’ll play callers an announcement to let them know, and tell them you’ll be with them soon.

Easily transfer calls to other internal phones or mobiles

If you don’t currently have the ability to transfer calls, not only do you make the customer experience not as good as it can be, but you’ll be wasting a lot of time running your phones around the building.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system makes it so simple to transfer calls both internally, and externally. Yep, you can transfer calls out to mobiles or other landlines.

Call us to discuss the best option for your business! Our consultants will work with you to help you find a solution that’s perfect for your business.

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