Business IT

As well as providing essential IT equipment devices we also have a dedicated team of IT professionals to take care of all your support needs.

From computers, printers, scanners and much more we can supply, install and maintain everything for you.

Get back to callers who had unanswered calls

The purpose which drives us is to help

The average business misses 2555 calls per year (7 per day). 85% of people won’t call back. 75% won’t leave a message. That’s a problem, as missed calls can lead to lots of missed opportunities.

Help your staff communicate and perform better

Staff training is one of the differences between elite businesses, and mediocre businesses. And we’ve found that companies that have great staff training outperform ones that don’t by up to 400%.

With your new Yo Telecom phone system you’ll be able to listen to any call that’s taken place. And guide your entire team to become expert communicators.

Increase interest in certain products and services

Placing people on hold and boring them with silence, or annoying them with tedious music can upset callers and cause them to hang-up. Not what you want when trying to increase your success.

Your new Yo Telecom phone system will come with tailored on hold marketing messages. The purpose of these is to educate, inform, and get your clients to take a specific action.

Why choose Yo?

We’re powered by purpose

Everything we do, every product we provide, and every innovation we create is all for one powerful purpose. Helping businesses increase their success. So from the moment we first talk, all the way through to your installation and beyond we operate on the basis of helping you increase your success.

Phenomenal training

Some telecoms companies don’t train their clients. Some telecoms companies train their clients how to transfer a call and place someone on hold. Yo Telecom educates and coaches leaders of businesses on how to increase their success. Not something you’ll directly pay us for, but worth way more than everything you’ll ever pay us.

A culture built on great service

Here’s one way we’re innovating customer service. We found out, that a lot of businesses find it hard to contact their telecoms provider. We’re different, we want to make it as easy as possible to contact us, which is why our clients can dial “888” from any one of our handsets and be connected to our support team in 5 seconds. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

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