Phone Systems with Call Recording – Your Questions Answered

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Phone systems with call recording can be such a useful tool for businesses so, its crucial that you get a phone system that has this feature and take full advantage of it.

Not only can it help increase your success, but it has so many other benefits.

In this article, I will discuss how phone systems with call recording can benefit your business and answer loads more questions you may have!

Firstly, the basics;

There are two types of call recording you can have with your phone system.

  1. Automatic Call Recording - where all of your calls, both inbound and outbound are recorded.
  2. Push-Button Call Recording - where calls are only recorded when you press a button.


How Do Phone Systems With Call Recording Work?

Automatic Call Recording

This is a feature of a Yo Telecom phone system and it records all of your calls, inbound and outbound. It stores them online or on a dedicated call recording storage device, which can be access from anywhere in the world with a username and password.

As standard, our call recording product will store your calls for 5 - 7 years and we’ll store them for free - so there’s no hidden storage costs!

If you are looking for a specific call, you can easily search your calls to find it and listen to it as many times as you need. You can play the call, you can attach it in an email to someone. The list goes on!

Push Button Call Recording

This feature works similarly to automatic call recording but it only records calls when you press a button, indicating that you want to call to be recorded.

In our opinion, automatic call recording is much better! You never know when you will need to listen to a call at a later date.

What are the Benefits of Call Recording?

Phone systems with call recording can offer so many benefits to businesses. Here are just a few;

1. Call recording helps to improve staff performance.

You can use call recording as part of staff training to monitor the way your staff are communicating with your clients. This will allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses so you can see where your communication can be improved.

If you see that a particular member of staff is struggling on the phone, you can give them guidance and use call recording to check some of their calls each week to see how they’re getting on.

“70% of people are willing to spend more with a company they believe offers excellent customer service” - American Express

It is important to invest in your staff to increase the success of your business and call recording will help you with this. 

2. Call recording can help settle disputes

Having your calls recorded will help validate any verbal agreements that happens over the phone.

If a client has a disagreement about something you can listen to the call and email it to them. This can save you lots of time and money.

3. It can protect your staff

In the rare event that your staff or your company receives abuse over the phone, call recording can help to provide evidence. You can listen to the call and send it to the police for further investigation.

This will give your staff peace of mind and will help them feel protected when they are on the phone. According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) verbal abuse (and fear of abuse) can have a serious impact on employee’s mental health. It can lead to stress, anxiety and longer term ill health.

Make your staff feel safe with call recording.

Is Call Recording Legal?

Call recording is completely legal in the UK. As long as your staff are aware that your calls are recorded for the purposes of your organisation or for any of the following reasons;

  • To provide evidence of a business transaction
  • Ensure that a business complies with regulatory procedures
  • See that quality standard targets are being met
  • Investigate the unauthorized use of a telecommunications system
  • Protect national security

How Much Does Call Recording Cost?

The price will depend on the number of lines and the number of handsets you have in your business.

Our Yo Telecom phone systems with call recording can suit any type of business, whether its big or small, with any number of lines you need.

Is Call Recording Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking to grow your business, increase your revenue and provide a better quality of service to your clients then the answer is yes!

I recommend booking a demo to find out:

  • How other businesses in your industry use call recording
  • Which of your competitors are using it at the moment
  • The different pricing options

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