How Your Phone System can Help you Deliver Great Customer Service

Lorna Bailey Blog

Have you ever had a bad experience on the phone to a company?

Do you remember how frustrating it was and how it made you feel about that company?

Imagine your customers having to go through this when they try and get through to you.

Many companies today are focusing less on customer services over the phone and more on internet chats, emails and social media.

But the telephone is still the customer's preferred method when they’re trying to get a quick answer.

Having the right phone system will make providing excellent customer service super simple for you and your staff!

In this article, we will go through how the Yo Telecom phone system will help you WOW your customers and increase your revenue!

How can our Phone System Help you?

We have a solution for whatever your needs are. From the first time we speak, we’ll take on board what’s best for your business and create a package that will suit you.

Our phone system will help you to improve your levels of customer service in the following ways:

Keep Track of Your Missed Calls

There will be times that you won’t be able to take a call. This can be due to your team being busy on the line or, most commonly,  when you’re closed.

Unless you have a customer services team that operates 24 hours a day, there will be times where your customers can’t get through to you.

We know it’s unrealistic that you’ll have staff around 24 hours a day (everyone needs a break), so what if there was a way to easily keep track of those calls so you can call back and give your callers the answers they need?

Introducing Call Logging - a feature of the Yo Telecom phone system that works exactly like the call log on your mobile phone, notifying you as soon as you miss a call.

This feature will also display the name and number of existing customers, so you can call back and pleasantly surprise your callers.

This shows your customers a great level of service, as you are taking the time to get back to them and not just waiting for them to call you back.

Alternatively, with the voicemail to email feature of our phone system, you can have your messages emailed directly to a mobile phone so you can respond instantly.

Improve how Your Staff Interact with Your Customers

When your customers (or potential new customers) call in, your reception team will be the first impression they get of you and your business. So it’s important that they act in a professional and helpful way.

Call Recording is a feature that automatically records all of your calls - both inbound and outbound. By listening to a few of these calls a week (we recommend 10) you can see how your staff are interacting with your customers so you can assess their strengths and weakness.

By knowing what areas certain staff members need to improve on, you can offer appropriate training to them.

Respond to Your Customers Wherever you are

Flexibility is an extremely important thing have in the business world today. It’s normal for you to have team members that are based remotely or are out on the road a lot.

If someone calls into your main office wanting to speak to one of these members of staff, instead of having to pass on a message and your customer having to wait for a callback, you can quickly and easily transfer that call to their mobile phone!

This helps to reduce your response times so your callers aren’t left waiting around in limbo to hear back from you.

Stop the Hassel of Your Callers being Passed Around on the Phone

When your customers are calling in with important questions, the last thing they want is to be stuck on hold being passed from person to person. With an Auto Attendant, you can help to sort the traffic of your calls without even picking up the phone.

An auto attendant is an automatic answering service that will greet your callers and give them a list of options to choose from. For example:

‘Thank you for calling [your business name].

Please Press 1 if you would like to speak to a customer services representative.

Press 2 to speak to a member of our billing and accounts team.

To speak to our sales team, please press 3.

Or for any other enquiries, please hold the line and we will connect you.’

By giving your callers the option to choose who they want to speak to, they know they will be talking to someone that can give them the answers they need.


By having a phone system that uses the latest technology you will experience a whole range of benefits.

By increasing your customer satisfaction levels, your revenue will increase hugely as a result! This is through creating a network of loyal customers that will not only repeatedly use your products and services but will recommend them to everyone.

The reasons outlined in this short article are just a few of the ways Yo Telecom can help you bring your communications into the 21st century.

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