Give Your Dental Practice a Competitive Edge with a New Phone System

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The average business phone system lasts between 5 - 7 years, but often we see dental practices using traditional landline phones from 10 years ago.

Having an out of date system will likely hold your practice back.

In this short article we’ll outline how updating your phone system will help to increase the success of your dental practice!

How do you Know it’s Time to Update?

If you’re still plodding along with that one handset that’s been in your building since you opened your practice, it’s time to bring yourself into the 21st century and update your phone system.

Although landlines are a reliable option, they do not offer the kind of features your dental practice needs to be working at maximum efficiency.

Common questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you often receive complaints from patients who struggle to get through to you?
  • Are frequent engaged tones becoming a huge problem?
  • Do your patients often hang up when you place them on hold?
  • Can your current phone system support the level of calls you receive on a daily basis?

If these sound like problems you have, don’t worry, Yo Telecom are here to help!

Our Phone Systems

We have experience of helping over 400 dental practices increase their success by providing them with up to date phone systems.

By updating your current phone system, your dental practice will experience so many benefits from our range of awesome features! These include:

CRM Integration

CRM Integration will allow you to link your phone system with your patient management software.

Our Yo Telecom phone systems integrate with EXACT - Software of Excellence, Carestream R4, Systems for Dentists and many more dental softwares. Meaning you can see who is calling before you’ve even picked up the phone!

Your patients will love the personalised greetings and your staff will be able to quickly and easily edit dental records and make appointments with the press of a button!

How can Dental Software Integration Help your Practice?

Find out in this short article!

Call Recording

Call Recording is the only feature that will allow you to monitor and improve the way your staff interact with your clients.

This feature works by automatically recording every call that you make or receive at your business.

This will allow you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your reception team so you can offer the necessary training needed to make improvements.

Your reception team are usually the first impression any potential new patients will get of your dental practice, so it’s important that they answer questions in a polite and professional manner.

If not, this won’t look good in the eyes of someone who is calling to enquire about using your services.

Call Logging

Often your patients will be calling to make an appointment, and in times of emergency, they might not have time to wait around calling and calling in hope of getting an answer.  

With the Call Logging feature of the Yo Telecom phone system, you can keep track of your missed calls!

This feature works exactly like the call log on your mobile phone, notifying you as soon as you receive a missed call. So you can pleasantly surprise your callers by returning their calls as soon as possible! Resulting in lots more appointments being made.

What do our Clients say About our Systems?

‘Having a Yo Telecom hybrid phone system at my practice has not only helped us as dental professionals but has also been massively beneficial for our patients.

For example, with the Call Logging feature we can now see when we miss calls. We can see exactly who called at what time, meaning we can call that person back.

This is not only good for us as it often results in more appointments being made but our patients also love it as it shows that we care about them.

The Yo Telecom system has improved how we operate in so many ways! I would say now we are a lot more efficient.’ - Giselle, The Dental Group

Want to Know More?

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We’ll give you all the information you need to know and you can book a FREE demonstration and consultation.

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