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  • Miss fewer opportunities with CALL LOGGING.
  • Improve staff performance and communication with CALL RECORDING.
  • Use tablets, laptops and cordless phones from anywhere in your building with WHOLE BUILDING WIFI & CORDLESS COVERAGE.
  • Put an end to engaged tones for your clients with CALL WAITING.
  • Educate and interest clients while they wait with ON HOLD MARKETING.

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Customer Reviews

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  • “We needed to make sure we got the right supplier who could help us make sure we set up correctly.

    We needed Yo Telecom to provide us a complete solution. We needed a leased line, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a whole telephone system, Yo Telecom arranged that for us.

    The Ralph stars
  • “The system is amazing! Our seniors can now carry the Cordless Phones around with them so that incoming calls aren’t ringing for long periods of time

    And when a resident has a phone call we can take the phone to them no matter where they are which is really nice!

    Nicola Masters stars
  • “The service I get from my dedicatedaccount manager is fantastic! And the value for money is the best we’ve had in 23 years!

    One of the ways Yo Telecom have helped us with the success of our business is to give us a visual of any missed calls that we’ve had.

    Giselle Lamberio stars
  • “Call Recording helps for safety and for confidence.

    If we had taken medical advice [over the phone] not only did we have to write it down, but we had to pass the phone to someone else to hear the exact same message. Which is time-consuming.

    Christine Hanwel stars
  • “From the initial contact to the whole installation was less than two weeks and It was very smooth and professional…

    It was exceeding cost effective. I would wholeheartedly now recommend Yo Telecom as a company and a solution to the many issues managers have within Care Homes!”

    Weronika Korkosz stars