Our Case Studies

Take a look at how our Yo Telecom solutions have helped our customers succeed…

Kings Road Vets Kent.

SituationUnable to technically handle the volume of ingoing and outgoing calls to the practice.

Solution Professional multi-line installation accompanied with Call Queuing & Audio Branding to keep customers engaged during busy periods.

SuccessImproved call efficiency and on-hold times which generated more Pet Care Plan signups.

Abbots Lodge Dental PracticeLittlehampton.

SituationNeeded a more flexible telephony solution to use across two practices

SolutionA cloud-based, central switchboard style set up linking both sites

Success A seamless transition, increased call volumes and happier patients.

Blackfriars Medical PracticeLondon.

SituationUnable to make more than 4 outgoing calls at a time, telephone appointments critical during lockdown.

Solution A new cloud-based system with extra lines.

SuccessCan handle more enquiries, improving patient experience and staff efficiency.

Macleod Pinsent CareHove.

SituationFrequent drop-outs on cordless devices around the homes.

SolutionProvided access points throughout the homes to ensure Full WiFi Coverage.

SuccessStaff can now walk freely around the homes with all devices.

HP Property London.

SituationNo way of returning missed calls that came into the business.

SolutionUpgraded their phone system with Advanced Missed Call Tracking.

SolutionThey’re now able to track and return all missed calls with ease.

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