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Care Home Phone Systems

Make and receive calls from anywhere in your care home with
100% cordless coverage.

cordless business phones
Yo Telecom handles over 6 million care home calls annually. We are part of the NHS digital toolkit and understand the necessity of a reliable phone system and an experienced technical support team. Care Homes are in operation around the clock and so are our support team. All Yo Telecom packages come with 24/7 In-House support, as standard.

100% Phone And WiFi Coverage

Use your devices from a desk, on the move or from anywhere in your home. Take phones to patients in bed and experience no dropouts or crackly lines.

Advanced Call Recording

All calls are automatically recorded and medical calls can be saved to a resident’s personal file. This is then easily accessible should you need to access recordings of calls with GPs to help with a client’s care plan.

Missed Call Tracking

See all missed calls on your PCs instantly. Just click on them to call them back, like you would on a mobile phone. Don’t miss any opportunities whilst you’re away from the phone.

100% Phone And WiFi Coverage

From 2 to 200+ bed care homes, Yo Telecom guarantees 100% coverage of your entire site. WiFi and cordless phone blind-spots restrict your communication and put residents at risk.

This is why our experienced engineers install professional WiFi and phone points throughout your premises to guarantee coverage is 100%. Take your phones to residents in bed, and handle emergency calls at the scene of the incident.

Experience no more dropouts or crackly calls

Take and make calls whilst on the move across your site

Access secure WiFi from everywhere in your home

Advanced Call Recording

Have all inbound and outbound calls recorded instantly and automatically.

Calls are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device at any time.

Use these recordings to listen back to calls with medical practitioners, monitor your team’s call handling and allow residents to listen back to conversations with friends and family.

All important calls recorded to a database

Review your team’s call handling for future training

Easily access automatic call recordings at any time

Missed Call Tracking

Care homes are busy places and important calls can often be missed.

However, Missed Call Tracking logs all calls that your business doesn’t pick up, even if the caller doesn’t leave a voicemail. This means you can return calls as soon as you’re available, and get back to all queries.

Being busy helping residents shouldn’t mean missed room placement enquiries.

Provide a better service to relatives calling to speak to their loved ones

Fill more beds by responding to all room placement enquiries

Get back in touch with callers and answer all of their questions

Multi-Line Installed As Standard

Receive multiple calls to your Care Home’s main phone number and answer them simultaneously, meaning a resident can talk to a relative on one phone, whilst you handle new resident enquiries on another.

Our Phone Systems For Care Homes

Hosted Phones

Future-proof your business with internet-based phones that are scalable and flexible.

Hybrid Phones

Stay connected to your patients by combining the features of an internet phone with the reliability of a traditional phone system.

Cordless Phones

Don’t be tied to your front desk, Yo Telecom cordless phones come with 100% coverage guaranteed.

Here’s How Yo Telecom Have Helped Macleod Pinsent Care Homes and Parkview HomesWith Their Coverage Issues:

Macleod Pinsent Care Homes and Parkview Homes were struggling to get full WiFi coverage across their buildings. Due to the phones relying on the WiFi, staff could not walk freely around the homes without experiencing crackling and drop-outs. The issues were majorly affecting the day to day running of the homes. This included having problems accessing their care management system, which is a vital part of the service they provide

After upgrading all of their phones and WiFi to a Yo Telecom system, the staff are now able to walk freely around the homes, access their care management system, and provide the platinum grade level of service that they promise to their residents. Their concerns with switching providers were alleviated by our “little-to-no” downtime promised with every installation.

“We have worked with Yo Tel for a few years now and receive great support from everyone… helpdesk, managers and those at the top. They are always at the end of the phone when we need them and know when to prioritise any issues we may have. They’re still a relatively young company but have a firm foot in such a fast moving industry.”

-Victoria Highfield

Nellsar Limited Care Home

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