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More Than Just A Phone

Increase your success

great communication should be simple.

Call Logging

Call customers back and show that you care.

Computer Telephony Integrations

Seamlessly link your phone and your CRM.

On hold marketing

The professional alternative to beeps or silence.

Call recording

Store phone calls for future use.

cordless phones

Make and receive calls anywhere in your building with DECT.

call reporting

Understand your callers behaviour.

Boost Productivity

Monitor and improve the way your staff communicate with Call Recording.

More Revenue

Miss fewer calls, increase your enquiries, and WOW callers with Call Logging.

Joyful Communication

Communicate from your entire building with Whole Building WiFi & Cordless Coverage.

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What is a business telephone system?

A mixture of hardware and software which when connected to phone lines and handsets enables a business to communicate with its customers in a flexible, professional manner.

How does Yo Telecom's pricing work?

We now offer all our clients four Communications Plans. Green, Gold, Platinum and Black. They all vary in price, functionality and service. Our clients love that our plans are just one fixed monthly price – no more need for multiple bills from multiple providers.

What is voip?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means that your calls go through the internet, rather than through a traditional phone line.

What is the most popular Yo Telecom Communications Plan?

Popularity varies depending on the needs of your business, but our Platinum Communications Plan is the most popular throughout all industries. It’s great value!

Will our new cordless phones to work throughout our entire building?

Yes! We survey your building and use modern cordless technology which will cover entire buildings, regardless of thickness of walls or the size of the property.

Does Yo Telecom install phone systems?

YES! We don’t just send you a bunch of equipment and cables and say good luck. Instead we fit your entire system ourselves, and to put the cherry on top, we provide phenomenal training so you can get the most out of your new tools.

Is a digital, VOIP or hybrid phone system the best for your business?

We offer all three options. We believe, and so do many of our clients, the hybrid phone system is by far the best. You lose nothing from choosing a hybrid system. You get the innovation and functionality of a VOIP phone system, with the ease-of-use and reliability of a traditional digital phone system.

How long does installation take?

Installation times vary depending on the scale of your package. Typically installations take up to 2 days, but larger projects may take up to 5 days.

Can we have cordless headsets?

Absolutely. We love cordless headsets and we think you will too! Once you work with one, you will never go back.

Is there downtime during installation?

We have a super awesome two-phase installation process that has minimal downtime, 1-2 minutes. The only downtime is the time it takes us to unplug your old lines from your old equipment, and plug them into your shiny new Yo Telecom Business Phone System!

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