Celebrating Our Women In Tech | IWD 2022

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating all of the successful women at Yo. Telecoms, like many other technology sectors, typically has a low proportion of female representation. According to The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals, less than 25% of the current UK tech workforce is represented by women.

At Yo Telecom, however, we’re lucky to have a lot of female representation in our company. 

40% of our technical support team is made up of women and our COO is also a woman.

With the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day being ‘Break The Bias’, I recently caught up with 6 of our women in tech to find out a bit more about them, their role and what they enjoy about having a career in technology…



Careers in technology are not just for men. 

A study by PwC found that over a quarter of female students say they’ve been put off a career in technology as it’s too male dominated. 

This needs to change.

Women bring a different perspective to the table. Women are successful. Women belong. 

Yo Telecom are always on the lookout for successful people to join the team. If you want to start a career in tech, check out our careers page.

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