5 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture for Restaurants

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Pubs, bars and restaurants not having free guest WiFi in 2020 is almost unheard of. A good connection is almost always expected and is just seen as an extra part of any dining experience. Whether it be for ‘checking in’ on Facebook or for googling an unknown ingredient, visitors often rely on a WiFi connection when at a restaurant. Now, what if you could receive something in return for providing a guest WiFi connection? Enter WiFi Data Capture for restaurants… 


What is WiFi Data Capture for Restaurants?

Essentially, WiFi Data Capture integrates your WiFi with your online presence. Rather than give each and every visitor the WiFi password, customers log in to smart guest WiFi using their preferred social media account or email address. Not only does this save time, but you can use these details for future marketing…


5 Benefits of WiFi Data Capture For Restaurants


01. Increase Google Reviews 

When visitors are choosing where to eat, it’s natural that they’ll look up reviews and choose somewhere that has lots of glowing feedback. Now, besides remembering to regularly ask customers to leave you a review, growing them can feel like a bit of an impossible task.


Well, with WiFi Data Capture you can automatically send an email 24 hours after a customer visits asking for feedback. If the visitor has positive feedback, this’ll point them to your Google Review page. If it’s not so good, this will direct them to message you privately. This then means you can handle all issues directly and turn this customers’ experience around for them. 


Not only is increasing your Google reviews good for boosting your search engine ranking, it ultimately helps you increase the overall customer experience you are providing. 



02. Boost Social Media Following 

When users log into the smart guest WiFi, link them straight to your social media accounts. Whether you’re looking to grow Facebook fans or Twitter followers, your smart guest WiFi is a great way to get your pages in front of your visitors. 



03. Collect Track and Trace Information

On Monday 14th September, collecting Track and Trace information was made mandatory for all restaurants here in England. (Prior to this, it had been voluntary.) Visitors simply connect to the smart guest WiFi and fill out a short form collecting all information needed by the NHS. This is a far more hygienic and time efficient way to collect this information. 


This can then be used to alert visitors should someone test positive for COVID-19. Keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe. 



04. Grow Mailing List 

Having logged into your smart guest WiFi using their email address, why not use this to update your visitors. From birthday wishes to promotions and special discounts, sending your visitors regular emails is a great way to stay in touch and increase customer retention rates. This is also a great way to keep people informed of any changes to opening hours or operations due to COVID-19. 



05. Understand Visitor Traffic and Return Rates

Understand when your busy times are, how long people tend to stay and how often they return with your smart guest WiFi. Not only does this help you to better understand your customers, you can also use it to arrange staffing rotas and plan ahead for peak times.



So there we have it, five benefits of WiFi Data Capture for restaurants. From being used for Track and Trace to improving your Google ranking, WiFi data capture is a great tool for any restaurant owners looking to increase their online presence. Interested in getting it set up at your site? Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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