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Why are Businesses Swapping to Hosted Phone Systems?

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Hosted phone systems are becoming increasingly popular as a communications solution for businesses.

If you’ve seen the term ‘hosted’ while browsing around but are still unsure on what a hosted phone system is, you can check out our simple guide here.

In this article we will be exploring the reasons why many businesses are swapping their traditional set-ups for a hosted phone system.

Let’s begin.

What is a Hosted Phone System?

To give you some context, a hosted phone system is a phone system that is based in the cloud. This means that your phone system is stored in a data centre and your calls are routed in and out via the internet.

Why Should your Business Consider a Hosted Phone System?

If your business is currently experiencing one (or more) of the following issues it may be time for you to swap to a hosted phone system.

  • You want to decrease your costs
  • Your business is growing and you are constantly needing to add more lines to your phone system.
  • Your business has outgrown your current phone system.
  • Your current communications set-up is old and outdated and you are looking for something with greater functionality.
  • You want to future proof your business.

If these problems sound far too familiar, don’t worry! Yo Telecom’s hosted phone system is just what you’re looking for.

What Benefits can a Hosted Phone System Offer your Business?

By swapping to a hosted phone system your business will experience a whole range of benefits. These include:

Greater Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of a hosted phone system is the flexibility it will bring to your business.

As your phone system is not based at your premises it gives you the freedom to move around. So if you have a lot of staff that are based on road or work remotely, a hosted phone system will be perfect for your business.

You are also free to add extra lines, remove lines or even move premises with no disruption.

Increase Productivity

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, when you’re free to work wherever you are it’s obvious that your productivity levels will soar. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to make and take calls via your business phone system.

Hosted phone systems also offer you a range of features that will help to increase the productivity of your team!

Decrease your Costs

If you’re looking to minimise your costs but still want a great communications system, hosted is for you.

Instead of a huge payment upfront for your phone system, you often pay in affordable monthly payments.

In most cases, a hosted phone system is plug and play – meaning there’s no long and costly installation process. As you don’t have to pay for lots of on-site maintenance visits, you can reduce costs throughout the lifetime of your system.

Prepare for the Future

The time of traditional landline phones as business tools is coming to an end, with BT announcing their big switch-off.

In 2025 these types of system will be completely phased out in favour of newer technology, such as hosted and VOIP systems.

It’s good to get ahead and consider your options now!

How can you Find out More?

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