What is unified communications

What is Unified Communications?

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Unified Communications (often shortened to UC) refers to a phone system that integrates multiple communication methods within a business.

These can include:

  • Business phone system
  • Voicemail
  • Instant message
  • Fax
  • Conference / video calls
  • Email
  • CRM (client relationship management) software

It helps to blur the lines between communication channels. For example, if you receive a voicemail on your phone system you no longer have to wait until you are next in the office to listen to this message. The voicemail can be accessed on a mobile or messaged to you via email.

UC helps to bring everything together to improve the communication of your business.

4 Reasons you Should Introduce Unified Communications to your Business

1. Allows Greater Functionality

Unified Communications allow small businesses to operate like large organisations but without paying the same price.

Your business will get access to a great range of features that will help to increase the success of your business

The best thing about Unified Communications is that you get more for less. That’s more functionality, more flexibility and more productivity with fewer costs and less clunky hardware for your office.

2. Save Money on your Operational Costs

One of the main benefits of Unified Communications is the cost savings. This includes both the initial costs as well as long term costs.

3. Improved productivity

Introducing Unified Communications will lead to less time wasted. Your teams will be able to work closely together and get quick answers from each other, meaning hideous wait times are a thing of the past.

With easy to use features such as call transfer and conference call facilities you will be able to connect your whole workforce

Working remotely or working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Unified Communications will make it easier for you to stay connected to those workers who are not based in your office.

4. Better Customer Service

When a customer calls in to your business they will want their questions answered quickly.

Unified Communications gives you access to many features that will make calling into your business a joy.

Features such as Call Queuing and On Hold Marketing help to make hold times less painful and by adding ring groups you can ensure your calls are always answered.

Having great communication will improve your caller’s overall experience with you, making them very happy customers.

Want to Know More About Unified Communications?

If you’d like to get a UC system in place at your business, call us today on 02380 516986.

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Alternatively you can speak to one of our expert consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!

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