What Is The Best WiFi System For Gyms?

Popularity around gyms has skyrocketed. Health, fitness, and wellbeing have all become major trends, and don’t seem to be slowing down. This means gym owners are competing for custom more than ever before, kitting their premises with the best facilities and utilities. One feature that has become an expectation for customers is a good WiFi system. Almost every person using the gym will be streaming music, TV shows, podcasts, movies, ect. And if the WiFi isn’t reliable – They’ll most likely take their business, and muscles, elsewhere.

So, in this brief article, we’ll outline where Wi-Fi issues arise, and how a brand new Wi-Fi system could dramatically improve your business.


What Causes Most WiFi Issues?

From our experience, the most common causes of issues stem from: 

  • Distance from the router.
  • The strength of the signal, given by the router.
  • Obstructions like thick walls, etc.

These factors together contribute to poor performance, especially if you have a large building. Naturally, the further away you are from the router, the worse the Wi-Fi signal will be. The average Wi-Fi signal will cover just over 30 metres (about the length of 7 cars parked in a row). This isn’t enough for most businesses. Whilst extenders and boosters are an option, they are short-term solutions. Issues and faults often arise after time, leading to drop-outs and a slow connection.


So, What Is The Best Wi-Fi System For Gyms?

Looking at where Wi-Fi issues arise, naturally, the best system you can have for your gym is one that delivers a super-strong, super-reliable connection to every corner of your premises. A Wi-Fi system that guarantees your customers are getting what they want out of their session, so you can rest assured of no issues, and focus on what you do best. 

So, with a YoTelecom Wi-Fi system, we create a structured network of hidden data cables from your main router, to strategically located points throughout your gym. We call these Wi-Fi Access Points. These access points send and receive the signal and, because they are hard-wired, send out clean data that hasn’t been affected. Because of these access points, you can enjoy a strong connection anywhere in your building.


Here’s a simple breakdown of Yo’s Full Building WiFi Coverage:


Benefits Of Yo’s Full Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi Data Capture:

In return for offering your guests free Wi-Fi, you can receive valuable marketing data in return. Gather guest’s name, number, email address and even social media accounts after they login, fully GDPR compliant. You can then use this information to grow your contact database, encourage re-visits, and boost your number of reviews.

Prioritise Traffic:

With a YoTelecom system, you can give your staff connection priority over your customers. So, if you’re in an especially busy period, your staff can rest assured that your system, and their connection to it, will not be affected or slowed down.

Business Grade Security (Firewall):

A firewall is a security system that prevents unauthorised access to or from a private network. This is obviously very important to businesses, as you will have a database of customers’ confidential information. Because of this importance, a good firewall is standard with Yo Telecom.



So, there we have it, a roundup of Wi-Fi systems, common occurring issues, and what the best option is for gyms. If you’re interested in a Yo Telecom Wi-Fi system, or want to find out more, follow the simple steps below and get in touch!


How To Get Started With A Yo Wi-Fi System:

Step 1: Complete our online form below, or give us a call.

Step 2: Book a consultation with one of our agents; Either online or on-location.

Step 3: Choose the best package for you. Pay only for what you need.

Step 4: Your new system will be delivered the next day.

Step 5: Within 7 days, an expert Yo engineer will arrive to fully install your new system; quickly & quietly.

Step 6: With extensive staff training and 24/7 support, we’re here whenever you need us.


You can find more of our feature infographic videos over on our YoTelecom YouTube Channel.

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