What is Telecommunications? An Introduction to the Industry

So, you’ve probably heard of Yo Telecom by now. If you haven’t, we’re an award-winning, ambitious and energetic telecoms company. We specialise in bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. But, perhaps you’re wondering exactly what telecommunications is and how an effective system can boost your business’ success? 

In this post, we’ll cover the definition of telecommunications and how telecoms systems work. As well as a run down of what telecom companies can provide for their customers and how these services can increase a business’ success.


What is the definition of Telecommunications?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Telecommunication is ‘Communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting’. This hence accounts for a vast amount of our conversations today in the modern world. 

Technology has massively changed our social landscape, in particular, the way we communicate with one another both socially and professionally. When was the last time you visited a business or establishment that didn’t have a phone or internet access? These are the two key players in the telecommunications industry and form the basis for many business transactions in the 21st Century. 

Before we get anymore technical, let’s cover a couple of the Key Acronyms used in the Telecoms Industry to make the rest of this post a little easier to understand:

– IP – Internet Protocol. A set of rules for routing and addressing packets of data so that they can travel across networks and arrive at the correct destination.

– VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the transmission of voice data (calls) over the internet rather than via traditional phone lines. 


How do telecommunications systems work?

A very basic telecommunication system contains three parts:

– Transmitter. This converts the information into a signal that is suitable for transmission.

– Transmission Medium. This carries the signal between the transmitter and receiver. 

– Receiver. Converts the signal back into usable information. 

The internet, for example, works using this fundamental structure. The messages sent from each computer are converted into signals using a ‘protocol stack’ (transmitter). Here, the messages are broken down into smaller chunks of data called packets. These packets are given a port number and an IP address, changed into electronic signals, and transmitted along the phone line (transmission medium). A router then determines where to send the information using the IP address provided. When the packets reach the destination computer, they are reassembled into the original message sent by the first computer – by the destination computers’ protocol stack (receiver) – in a form that we can understand.


What does a telecommunications company provide?

The products, services and packages vary company to company but typically, telecoms companies will provide phones and broadband. Here at Yo Telecom, we provide bespoke systems that integrate with your business to give you great features like; Call Logging, Call Recording, WiFi Data Capture, Full System Integration and On-Hold Marketing. There are different types of business phone lines and hence different types of phone systems. In short, these are Digital Phone Systems, VoIP Phone Systems and Hybrid Phone Systems. Each of these have their own benefits and are suitable for different business needs and requirements. 

For example, a VoIP system typically has lower costs making it suitable for businesses with a smaller budget to invest, whereas a hybrid phone system is the most reliable – it’s the best of both worlds – it has the functionality of an internet based system but the reliability of an analogue based system. Different telecommunications companies provide different products, but here at Yo Telecom, we only provide the hybrid systems to ensure that you are always connected with your clients.


How can a telecommunications company boost the success of my business?

– Fast, full coverage WiFi across your building.

Whether you rely on WiFi to run your business or offer free WiFi to your customers when they visit, a good internet connection is vital.

– Collect valuable marketing information using WiFi data capture.

Offering free WiFi using Wifi Data Capture is a great way to collect data from your customers to later use for marketing purposes and analytics. Have your customers connect with their social media or email accounts. This gives them free WiFi and gives you a comprehensive marketing list. This very simple transaction then allows you to send tailored emails. This could include discount codes on birthdays or feedback on recent visits without having to manually collect this data from visitors to your premises.

– Call logging and call recording.

This allows you to view missed calls hence reducing missed opportunities which in turn increases potential revenue. Call recording also has its own benefits to a business. Firstly, it allows for staff training. New staff members can listen back to calls to learn what to say when they answer the phone. Secondly, it allows your business to save phone calls to file should you need to refer back to check any details you misheard.

A Yo Case Study: The Ralph.

The Ralph are a start-up veterinary referral clinic based in Marlow that needed a whole communications set-up – this is where Yo Telecom step in. Prior to Yo, The Ralph had no internet or telecoms in their building due to it being a new build. We arranged a leased line, a whole telephone system and a complete network solution for all of their computers. Here’s how Yo has improved their business: 

Internally within the hospital we’re able to communicate with each other seamlessly. On the telephone side, calls are received and if the office is busy it automatically transfers to our receptionist. If they’re busy it automatically transfers to the admin side. Calls are able to be transferred to one department to another and back again and across seamlessly. 

On the IT side, we’ve had all of our software running seamlessly and we’re using several pieces of software to communicate internally and to communicate externally with our referring practices.”

The world wouldn’t be what it is today without the Telecommunications industry. We’re able to communicate almost instantly with people all over the world at just the touch of a few buttons. We can also browse the internet, send emails, share files and make card payments, all thanks to various telecommunications systems!

Keep scrolling, drop your details in the form below and we can discuss how Yo Telecom can help increase your success today! 

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