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What is a DECT Phone System?

A modern phone system makes it easier to stay connected to your customers. Whilst those who handle calls used to be tied to a desk with a corded handset, DECT technology makes communication far more flexible. DECT phone systems have all of the features of any other business phone system, they just also allow the user to walk around the building during calls. In this article we will cover what DECT is, how it works as well as its benefits for business owners…

What is DECT?

DECT stands for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony. It is a wireless digital technology that allows you to make and take calls using a cordless telephone handset. DECT phones come with a base/charging unit that the wireless handset sits in until you need to use it, enabling you to walk and talk or use the handset in another room. These cordless handsets are a popular choice in busy business environments such as hotels and restaurants where the users may need to walk around whilst on a call.

How does DECT Work?

A DECT system is made up of (at least) two parts, a base station and a handset. These two parts continually communicate with each other. The base station receives data (such as incoming calls) and sends this to the handset. Then, when you talk into the handset, this data is transferred back to the base and onwards from there. Multiple base stations can be connected together in a network to cover a wider area, for example, in large buildings.

What are the Advantages of DECT For Businesses?

With DECT, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in your building without worrying about drop outs or crackling on the line. Your team can hence work more flexibly and make or receive calls from anywhere in your building. Rather than be tied to a front desk, they can carry out other tasks without missing any calls. Not only that, should a team member need to check something whilst on the phone, they can do this without needing to leave the phone at the desk. 

Are There Any Disadvantages Of This Technology?

The minor disadvantage of DECT phones is that, just like a mobile, they need to be charged. To charge them, simply put them back on the base station when they’re not being used. For example, at the end of the day. The charging times vary by handset, but if you have more than one you can simply rotate between them and see minimal disruption to your team. 

Where Can You Buy A DECT Phone System?

Many high street retailers sell cordless phones straight out of a box. Whilst this might be a cheap and easy way to get a DECT system at your business, it’s unlikely to provide the quality service you expect. The base station of a standard out-of-the-box DECT phone has a limit on how far it can send a signal. Outside of this area you will experience crackling on the line or calls cutting out completely. 

A telecoms provider, on the other hand, will install a business-grade DECT system. These are designed to cover larger areas and the handsets have a significantly longer talk-time between charges. Here at Yo Telecom, we use base stations at specific points of your building to ensure you get a cordless connection, no matter where you are on site. Not only that, all of our DECT systems come with a 100% coverage guarantee too.

Our packages also come with full staff training and 24/7 technical support included as standard. Interested in getting a DECT phone system set up for your business? Just drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch! 

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