This is how Yo Telecom has Used Staff Training to Grow Like Crazy!

It doesn’t take a lot to prove that the more knowledge a person has on their job role, the more responsibility they can take to have control of their own production. There are other things that play a big part in production, such as how enthusiastically a person applies their knowledge, but knowledge is very important.

So, how do you get the necessary knowledge into the minds of your team?

1. You find out the best way to do it the job.

2. Produce text, audio and maybe even videos on how to do the entire job role, and put this in a Job Role Folder.

3. Make it known to all team members and have them study it, and practice applying it in a role play situation.

4. Be strenuous in ensuring that what you have provided is followed!

So the steps are pretty simple and here are a few tips on how I have implemented this in our sales department. Like a lot of sales roles, telephone calls play a big part in the role.

Now, I found out what is working best for our top performers and I looked back my successful calls and identified exactly what was successful, and what wasn’t. You’re probably thinking how do I do that?

You need to listen back to calls that you or your top performers have had – THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE CALL RECORDING. You then just note down what works and give it – plus some recordings of successful calls – to your staff. Then get this knowledge well known and used by the rest of your staff.

Your sales will go up for sure.

If you don’t have Call Recording, call me now on 02382 146115 and I can have this sorted for you within a few days. I’ll also personally show you our in house training folders and help you get it set up in your business.

Lets do this!

Ryan O’Carroll

Founder & CEO

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