The benefits of business mobile phones

The Benefits of Business Mobile Phones

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Businesses are not just restricted to 9 – 5 office hours anymore. Due to this, business mobile phones are becoming a very important piece of business communications equipment. 

In this modern business world, your team shouldn’t just be restricted to working at their desk with a desk phone. Give them flexibility with a dedicated business mobile phone.

How is a Business Mobile Contract Different to a Standard Contract?

A business mobile contract will work in a similar way to your personal mobile contract, however, tariffs are more tailored towards the needs of businesses (for example, free calls and higher data allowances) and are at competitive prices. 

While you could just let your team use their personal mobile phones to save on costs, you run the risk of this becoming a distraction as they will be able to receive their personal messages and calls. 

With dedicated business mobile phones, your team will be able to experience great flexibility with no distractions. 

Not only are business mobiles great for increasing flexibility but they will also help improve the communication of your business in the following ways: 

Work Remotely

This is the most obvious benefit of having business mobiles. Your team will be able to work remotely while still having a connection to your main office. 

Email on the go

With a dedicated business mobile, your team are free to reply to emails no matter where they are. 

Plus, with a Yo Telecom business phone system, you can have your voicemails from your main business phone system emailed directly to your mobile so you never miss out on any messages. 

Not only will this maximise productivity but it will also improve enquiry response times. 

App Accessibility

You can miss a lot of calls when you’re out for lunch or just out of the office. Yo Telecom offers an app that links your main business phone system to your mobile so you can make and take calls (from your business phone number) wherever you are. 

This will allow you to never miss a call so you can respond to enquiries at any time. Plus you don’t have to worry about customers knowing your personal number. 

Better Time Management

Business mobiles can also help your team to organise their time better by having access to their calendar on the go so they can manage appointments, deadlines and meetings, as well as being able to set reminder alerts. 

When your team are more organised they can work to a higher standard. 

Overall business mobiles help to streamline your communication, making it easy for your customers to get through to you. 

Why Choose Yo Telecom for your Business Mobiles?

We’re proud to be partnered with some of the UK’s best mobile network providers to bring you the best business mobile tariffs at competitive prices. 

Our business mobiles also work seamlessly with our business phone systems to ensure your business has exceptional communication. 

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about our business mobile contracts (or our business phone systems) call us today on 02381 103195. 

Alternatively, you can chat to one of our expert consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!

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