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We recently caught up with Annaliese Hughes, the Managing Director of Delicious Dining on the South Coast, to hear how the team are getting on with their Yo Telecom system at Banana Wharf. Here’s what Annaliese had to say about their experience…

What was your install experience like?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the whole installation process with Yo Telecom was absolutely seamless from start to finish. I think the communication of all of the guys that work within the business was just absolutely top-notch, down from the people who arranged when the engineer was coming to the engineer being on-site all day, everyone enjoyed him being there. He got fed and watered at the end of the day as a thank you.

How have you found your new Yo Telecom telephone system?

The phones in the Hamble branch have been fantastic, during the pandemic we decided to diversify, start up some cloud brands and also our own delivery company and that would have been impossible without a phone system that helped us control the inbound calls but also change voice messages to our customers as quickly as the demand of the service was changing so being able to use that has been a huge benefit.

And finally, how would you describe working with Yo Telecom?

It feels like friends of your business are coming into your business to help you make it better and that’s what I feel we’ve been able to have working with Yo Telecom!

In this testimonial, Annaliese explains a bit more about Banana Wharf as well as a bit more about their experience with Yo Telecom…

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