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Becca Martin

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5 Telephone Features Every Veterinary Practice Needs

When choosing a new telephone system for your veterinary practice, it can become overwhelming looking at all of the features and services available. Yes, you need your phone to be able to communicate with clients, but modern day technology allows for far more than just that. From integrations to auto-generated stats reports, there are lots of things that business phone systems are capable of. So, to make life simpler, here are 5 key telephone features for vets…

5 Telephone Features Every Veterinary Practice Needs

01. Computer Telephony Integration 

Link your practice’s CRM with your business telephone. When clients call your Vets, their file will automatically appear on screen. So, rather than ask each caller for their name and details, you can get straight to dealing with their enquiry. Not only that, should your team need to make outbound calls, they can click on any number on your PC (including in your vet management system) and it will dial from your business phone. Our phone systems currently integrate with the following CRMs; Vet-One, Merlin, RoboVet, EZvet, Animana and Teleos. Save time every call and provide a more personalised caller experience. 

02. Professional Audio Branding 

When callers are placed on hold or waiting in a queue to speak to your team, play professionally recorded messages for them to listen to. You can use this time to tell callers about your updated opening hours, changes to your treatments or services, or your latest offers or promotions. One of our customers, Kings Road Veterinary Surgery, used their professional audio branding to promote their Pet Care Plan. In the first month of having this, they doubled their Pet Care Plan sign ups making them thousands in additional revenue. 

03. Missed Call Tracking

What currently happens at your practice if a prospective client calls whilst your receptionist is busy? With Missed Call Tracking, all calls in and out of your practice are logged and stored in an easy-to-view list. So, when your team has a minute spare, they can get back to all callers before they become a missed opportunity. It doesn’t take long to search ‘vets near me’ so, having this information easily accessible means you can get back to them (even if they haven’t left you a voicemail) before they go elsewhere. 

04. Out-Of-Hours Voicemail 

Should a client call you when you’re not open, with a traditional phone system, your team won’t hear the voicemails until they’re back on site. In most circumstances this is too late and clients will already have found another practice to help with their sick pet. However, with our Out-Of-Hours Voicemail, you can:

01. Instantly get all your voicemail messages emailed to you – enabling you to take action right away.

02. Give clients the option to press a button to be connected to the practice owner or vet for emergency help.

05. Advanced Call Recording

Regardless of the industry your business is in, great customer service is crucial to any company’s success. This is no different for veterinary practices. With automatic call recording software, you can monitor your team’s call handling and ultimately improve your client’s experience. Not only that, great examples of call handling can be used to train new employees in the future. Our Advanced Call Recording technology records all calls instantly and stores them in the cloud meaning you can listen back to them at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Here at Yo Telecom, we can provide your practice with all of the features mentioned in this post. Whether you’d like all five or just one, enter your details in the form below and one of our communications consultants will be in touch to create you a bespoke package.

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