Telecoms Glossary – Acronyms Explained!

If you’ve been browsing the web in search of the new phone system for your business, it’s highly likely you’ve come into contact with terms such as VOIP, SIP and PBX – but what does this all mean? Unless you’re in the industry, it won’t make much sense and that’s why we’re here to help! In this article you will find a list of commonly used telecoms acronyms and their meanings…

Telecoms Glossary – Acronyms Explained

  • IP (Internet Protocol) – the transmission of data via the internet.

  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – the transmission of voice data (calls) over the internet. This allows you to make calls without traditional telephone lines.

  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) – this is how VOIP devices communicate with each other.

  • PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – a private phone network used by a business. You can use this network to communicate internally (within your business) and externally (to your customers and suppliers).

  • PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) – this can also be referred to Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). This allows landline calls to be made.

  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) – how voice, video and data are sent over digital phone lines.

  • ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) – this allows a standard phone line to be used as a broadband line for the transmission of large amounts of data.

  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) – refers to digital wireless telephone technology (cordless phones).

  • DDI (Direct Dial Inbound) – this allows individuals or teams within your business to have their own personal number for customers to call – without having to pay for them to have their own personal phone line.

  • LAN (Local Area Network) – a data network that connects all the computers, printers, scanners, serves, etc within your business.

  • WAN / WLAN (Wide Area Network) – a WAN is multiple LANs connected together usually via a broadband connection or leased line.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – a way of creating a secure private network on a public network.


Other Useful Terms

  • Landline – a traditional phone service with fixed phone lines.

  • Broadband – a type of internet connection that allows large amounts of data to be transmitted.

  • Bandwidth – is the rate at which data can be transmitted.

  • WiFi – a wireless internet connection.

  • Ethernet – commonly used in LAN connections. It is a wired internet connection.

  • Leased Line – a leased line is a connection that is used by businesses for internet, data and telephone services. It is a dedicated, high-speed connection – meaning you won’t have to share it with anyone else.

Now you know the lingo, choosing a new phone system for your business should be nice and easy!

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