11 Social Media Post Ideas For Dentists

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Still trying to decide whether to invest time promoting your dental practice on social media or not? With over half of the world’s population using social media as of April 2021, it’s fair to say that this decision has become a bit of a no brainer. From seeing what our family and friends are up to, to watching viral videos, our social media screen time is only increasing.


People can often find the thought of posting on social media quite daunting, especially if it isn’t second-nature. So, in this post, we’re going to outline 11 different types of posts that you can share on your dental practice’s social media accounts. 



11 Social Media Post Ideas For Dentists


01. Meet The Team

Going to the dentist doesn’t tend to be anyone’s favourite thing to do and, for many, the thought of attending an appointment fills them with dread days in advance. Having an opportunity to get to know the team can be a great way to make patients (both current and potential) feel more comfortable ahead of time and make the whole experience a more personable one.


02. Mark National Days

There are national days for anything and everything. Whilst ‘Learn About Composting Day’ (29th May) might not be relevant to your dental practice, there are many national days that are:

9th February – International Dentist’s Day

20th March – World Oral Health Day

April – Oral Cancer Awareness Month

May – National Smile Month

17th June – National Teeth Whitening Day

2nd October – World Smile Day

1st November – National Brush Your Teeth Day.


03. Before and Afters

Acting as a portfolio, before and after photos are a fantastic way to showcase your team’s skills. If patients are looking to spend £xyz on a new smile, seeing the incredible transformations you’ve completed helps confirm that people are making the right choice when choosing your practice over another.


04. Industry Updates

Being involved in the dental community, you’re bound to be one of the first to hear industry updates as they happen. Let your followers know about any innovative treatments or changes to rules and regulations, and keep them up to speed.


05. Dental Practice Tours

Take your followers for a virtual tour around your premises. Help those who feel more anxious at the dentist feel more comfortable by seeing exactly where they’re going to be treated. This helps remove one element of the unknown leading to a more positive experience overall.


06. Current Patient Testimonials

What better way to show off your practice than by allowing your current patients to explain to potential patients how well you’ve looked after them. These videos don’t need to be anything fancy, just a clip of a current patient speaking about the treatments they’ve had and how much they recommend your practice.


07. Live Posts From Events/Conferences

Live posting from events, webinars or conferences is not only a great way to share new knowledge but also to network with other dental professionals. Most events tend to have a personalised hashtag meaning that all the posts are collated in one place and are easy to find. Share what you’ve learnt with your followers whilst also meeting others in the industry. 


08. Google Reviews

Similar to patient testimonials, posting your Google Reviews is a strong form of Social Proof. Seeing that people have visited a dentist, had a good experience and left a review is a great indication of how positive their experience must have been. Once you’ve created a branded template for these sorts of posts, these are really simple to create and post.


09. Dental Hygiene Tips

With a whole wealth of knowledge and experience, you’re in the best position to share some tips, tricks and advice with your followers. Whether this be tips for brushing and flossing, or foods to avoid to help reduce tooth decay, sharing information is a great way of giving back and piquing your followers’ interest.


10. Promotions

People love saving money. Sharing your latest offers and discounts often helps those who have been considering a treatment make that final decision to go ahead. And, if your promotion gets people talking, people will want to share it generating more traction for your business.


11. Share Dental Articles From Other Sources 

On social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, sharing other interesting articles you’ve read recently tends to go down well. It’s important, however, to remember that your followers might not have the same deep-rooted interest in dentistry as you, so anything too technical is likely not to be of any interest.



And there we have it, 11 social media post ideas for dentists. Whether it be tips and tricks for cleaner teeth or a tour of your dental practice, producing interesting yet relevant content is a great way of strengthening your brand’s image and ultimately increasing your dental practice’s success.

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