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3 Psychological Principles To Use In Your Marketing

So, you want to make your marketing even more powerful. You’ve started a company blog, updated your website’s SEO and have been posting more on social media. But, you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for. In today’s post we’re going to run through 3 psychological principles you can use to up-level your marketing… Let’s get started, shall we?


3 Psychological Principles To Use In Your Marketing


01. Social Proof

Coined by Robert Cialdini, Social Proof refers to the psychological phenomenon whereby  “the greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be correct”. That is, people generally will follow the lead of the masses.


You’re walking down a street trying to choose where to go for lunch next week. Do you book a table at the restaurant that is packed with a huge queue outside or the one that has only a couple of visitors. It’s a no-brainer isn’t it, particularly if you’re new to the area or don’t have a prior preference. 


This is a form of social proof. 


How does this work in marketing? With social media follower counts and engagement rates, stats on numbers of current customers, and public reviews. Seeing that a large number of people follow a brand, have left them a good review and pay them for their services shows that they must be doing something right. 


All of those people wouldn’t be amazed by their services for no reason, right?


Making an effort to grow your social media following and the number of Google reviews for your business is hence a great way to utilise Social Proof. Not sure how to get more Google Reviews? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this post: How To: Get More Google Reviews


02. Frequency Illusion

Ever noticed that once you decide you’d like to buy a new car, you keep seeing that same car everywhere? Suddenly everyone is driving it, there’s three in the car park at work and you’re seeing ads promoting it on Facebook. Now, is this all just a coincidence or is there something more happening here? 


In psychology, this is called the Frequency Illusion. When you find out about something new and suddenly you start seeing it everywhere it’s simply because you’ve become more aware of it. We are exposed to thousands of things every single day and we can’t process all of them. But, once we’ve noticed something, we start picking it up every time we see it. This is why it seems like the car has tripled in popularity overnight. 


To utilise the psychological principle of the Frequency Illusion within your marketing, simply be more visible in more spaces. Post more often on social media, create targeted Facebook ads, invest in a TV or radio advert, or even give out free branded pens. The more people that hear your name, the more likely it is to stick. 


So, when a potential customer is looking to make a purchase or is searching for a new service provider, it’s your brand that they gravitate towards. They feel like they can’t not choose you because you’re everywhere


03. Scarcity

You’re looking to book a table at your favourite bar for Saturday night. If you’re told there are only 3 tables remaining, are you now more or less likely to book in than you were before? I’m fairly certain the answer is more likely.


The psychological principle of Scarcity uses the fear of shortage to sell. If we really want something but hear it is soon to be low in stock, or unavailable, we’re far more keen to buy it straight away. Not only this, scarcity also increases its perceived value as people don’t want to be seen to be missing out. 


So, how can you utilise this principle? Display the number of appointments you have left available this week, advertise an offer that is soon to be ending, or promote a limited edition product or menu item. 



If you haven’t already implemented any psychological principles in your marketing, now is definitely the time to get stuck in. From offering limited offers to growing your Google Reviews, there are many things you can do to increase the success of your marketing!

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