The Best Tech Products of 2019

Best tech products 2019

2019 has been a great year for the tech industry with so many new releases. Before the year comes to an end we thought we would give you a rundown on our favourite tech products that came out this year! 

Let’s get started…

Apple Ipad (2019) 7th Gen

This year Apple gave their entry-level iPad a re-vamp. What’s new? A bigger 10.2 inch screen and 3GB of RAM. 

This iPad also comes with smart keyboard compatibility, making this iPad a much more capable laptop replacement than previous versions. 

What makes this iPad one of 2019s best tech products is its affordability. This is Apple’s most reasonably priced iPad to date. While the processor may not be as good ad the iPad Pro and the screen may not be as nice as the iPad Air, you won’t feel at a disadvantage with this iPad. You still have access to an amazing selection of apps and battery life that lasts all day. 

If you already have an iPad that is in good working order, we’re not saying you should scrap it and invest in this version, but if you’re in the market for a new iPad or tablet – this is a great choice for you that won’t break the bank! 

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

This is one of the best external SSDs you can buy. Not only can you get storage of up to 2TBs but the device is pocket-sized and super durable.

This SSD is great for those people who are on the go! Simply pop it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you need to work.

We have recently purchased a SanDisk Extreme Portable for our

Marketing Department to store video footage on and they couldn’t be more happy with it.

With the SanDisk Extreme Portable you get lots of storage, in a compact and portable size, at a great price point.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

If you were to take a quick look at the iPhone 11 Pro it wouldn’t look too different to the iPhone X and if we’re being honest, not that much has changed. 

What makes this generation of iPhone different, and what’s bagged it a spot on this list, is the new and improved camera. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about how amazing the new camera is, so we’ll keep this brief for you. 

If you haven’t heard about the new triple lens camera, all you need to know is it includes an ultra-wide angle camera (great for landscapes and large group photos). As well as a dark mode which is great for taking photos in dimly lit settings. This allows you to take amazing and professional-looking photos using only your phone. 

With the release of this new phone, Apple also introduced a new colour scheme – Midnight Green. As you can imagine this has proved to be very popular. 

Overall this phone includes all the standard Apple features we all love as well as longer battery life and one of the best mobile phone cameras on the market. What more could you want?

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

If you’re looking for a drone any DJI drone will be a good choice. They have a great product range with different models at different prices. 

What makes the DJI Mavic Pro 2 our top pick is it’s compact and foldable design, obstacle avoidance sensors and it’s ability to record and capture great quality video (in 4K). 

There’s not much more we can say other than it’s a really great drone. It’s extremely user-friendly and has great battery life. 

If you’re looking into buying a drone, you won’t be disappointed with this one. 

You can check out our youtube channel to see a DJI Mavic Drone in action, it’s our videographers choice for getting amazing aerial shots.

DJI Osmo Action

Sticking in the DJI family, the GoPro has some serious competition with the Osmo Action camera stepping onto the scene.

It basically matches the ProGro featurewise and is a great choice for those thrill-seekers who want to capture every exciting moment on camera. 

If you’re into outdoor activities and extreme sport, the Osmo Action is the choice for you. Not only does this little camera have steady image stabilisation, the ability to record in 4K and is waterproof up to 11 metres without a case but it’s also cheaper than a GoPro with the same spec. The Osmo Action also fits perfectly into all of the GoPro accessories. 

AirPods Pro

2019 was the year we all decided that we don’t want wires on our headphones. While there have been many different versions from many different companies, if you’re going to go wireless in our opinion it has to be AirPods.

In October, Apple gave us a new and improved version of AirPods – AirPods Pro. These headphones boast better sound quality, a new design for a better fit and a noise-cancelling feature. 

Where normal AirPods are one size fits all, the AirPods Pro have 3 interchangeable silicone ear tips, making them more comfortable to wear and allows them to stay in when using them to exercise. 

The battery life is not as good as that on regular AirPods, however this is due to the noise-cancelling feature. A little less battery seems a fair price for noise cancellation so we can’t complain too much. 

NEC Univerge ST500 Smart Mobile Extension

Although this app came out towards the later half of 2018, big improvements have been made to the software since and this is what has helped it to become a big hit in 2019. 

With the working world becoming more and more remote, less people are fixed to a desk and more people are working on the go. 

The NEC 500 App allows you to use your business phone system from your mobile phone. 

All you need to do is connect your phone or tablet to WiFi (or you can use 3G/4G) and you have access your business contacts, as well as the ability to make calls using your business number to prevent sharing your personal number with customers.

This app has changed the collaboration game, making it super simple for remote workers to communicate from anywhere. 

We started offering this app to our customers in 2019 and they seem to love it. If you want to improve communication at your business, give us a call on 02381 103195. We’ll talk through the needs of your business to find a solution that suits you!

Apple Watch Series 5

Admittedly not much has changed from the Apple Watch Series 4, the Series 5 is essentially an upgraded version of one of the best smartwatches you can buy. So it must be pretty good, right? 

It hasn’t increased in price, being launched at the same price as the Apple Watch 4. So you’re getting updated technology and software for a reasonable price. 

However, what really sets the Apple Watch Series 5 apart is it’s new ‘always-on’ feature. Instead of having to raise your wrist or tap the screen to check the time, the screen stays on and constantly displays your chosen watch face. 

This series of Apple Watch also comes with 32GB of storage (great for those who like to listen to music or podcasts on the go). Speaking of being on the go, the Series 5 has some new and improved navigation features. The maps app has been updated to include a compass, allowing you to find your way around quickly and easily. 

If you’re looking for a smartwatch, there isn’t really any competition. 

Amazon Echo Show 5

What’s great about the Amazon Echo Show 5 is that it fits basically anywhere you would need to put it, from kitchen tops to bedside tables.

The Echo Show 5 comes with the same old Alexa smart assistant, allowing you to get quick answers to your questions simply by shouting ‘ALEXA…’. What makes it different to the Echo Speaker? it’s 5 inch smart display that can be used to watch videos through an internet browser, look through photos and much more. 

What makes this Amazon Echo so great is it’s cheap price, smaller size and ability to display videos. 


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best tech products of 2019! Stay tuned for our next blog.

Is your Phone System Ready for Christmas?

is your phone system ready for Christmas?

Everyone’s favourite time of year is nearly here!

Christmas can be the most important time of year that customers need to contact you so before all the festivities begin, you need to make sure your communications are in good working order and you need to ask yourself some important questions: 


Will your Opening Hours be Changing?


It’s more than likely that your hours of operation will change slightly during the Christmas period, due to having time off and public holidays. It’s important that you make your customers aware of these changes! 

The last thing you want is your customers ringing and ringing and not getting through to anyone because they don’t know you’re closed! 

A simple message added to your phone system will take care of this problem. If you are in the medical profession, we suggest adding the details of emergency care so that your patients know where they can get help when you are closed (eg. call 111 or add your on-call number). 


Have you Updated your Voicemail Message?


Just as you need to update your opening hours, your voicemail message will need to be updated too. 

If a customer (or new enquiry) calls in and is greeted by an out of date voicemail it won’t leave the best impression in their mind. 

This is also the perfect time to wish your customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

With Yo Telecom it’s quick and simple to update your voicemail messages. Simply let us know the changes you’d like to make and we’ll take care of the rest for you! 

Not only does something so simple as changing your messaging show a great level of care and service to your customers but will also help to eliminate lots of stress when you return to work in the new year! 


Do you Have any Seasonal Offers you Need to Promote? 


Switch-up your on-hold messaging with your festive deals! Callers are a captive audience so there’s no better time to advertise any offers you may have on during the Christmas period! 

If you need a hand with your on-hold marketing scripts, just let us know and we’ll get something drafted for you. 


Will you (or your Team) be Taking Time off? 


Christmas time is all about giving and you want to make sure you give your team enough time off. If you’re worried about missing calls during this time, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

Not only will our Call Logging feature track all of your calls, so you can return them when you’re back in the office, but our voicemail to email feature will capture all of your messages and email them directly to your mobile phone. This allows you to respond to enquiries as and when you can during your time off and means you won’t miss out on important opportunities. 

We call also divert the calls from your business phone system to your mobile phone during times where there are less team members in to cover the phones!


What Happens When Christmas is Over?


With the right phone system, everything can be changed back to normal in a matter of moments and you can carry on with business just like before – allowing an efficient and productive start to the new year! 


If you’re still struggling along with an old phone system, with limited features, make it your new years resolution to improve your communications! 

Call Yo Telecom today and we can talk through your business’ needs, so you can WOW your customers in 2020. 

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our expert consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly. 

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, you can book a demo by clicking the button below:


How Technology has Changed the way we Communicate

How has technology changed the way we communicate

If we think back 30 or even 20 years ago, things have changed significantly – the way we communicate included in this!

It’s hard to think that communication hasn’t always been an instant process. If we send a message today, it goes straight to the receivers inbox in a matter of moments, but even something as simple as leaving a voicemail message has not always been so easy.

What started with telegraphs and letters was revolutionised by landline phones, giving everyone personal access to make phone calls. Now there is another revolution in the communications world, we’re moving from landline phones to VOIP (internet based) phone systems and mobile phones.

Thanks to the ease and accessibility of all the new channels that are available to us, great communication has never been so easy, in general life and for your business!

But what are these changes? Let’s take a look…

Instant Communication via Webchat

In a world where consumers want answers (and they want them now) having a webchat will be a huge benefit to your business.

Although this is not the most personal way of communicating with your customers, it offers a great way for them to get their enquiry answered instantly.

Say a potential new customer is browsing on your website and they want to know how quickly something can be delivered. Instead of taking the time to call in to ask this question, they can stay on your site and simply send a message on the webchat.

With a webchat you can set up automations so when people ask simple questions, like the one above, an automatic response will be sent. This helps to make communication so much easier (while improving your response times) and will give your team time to work on other tasks they might not otherwise have been able to do if they were busy on the phone.

Show You’re More than just a Business with Social Media

Social media has provided a great way to interact with your customers on a more personal level.

Not only can you instantly post updates to let your customers know any new information (such as new products or special offers), but you can communicate with them in the comments section.

Social media tends to be a less corporate outlet so offers a great way to build on your customer relationships. Rather than sending out mass, impersonal emails or reading from a script on the phone you can add a bit of humanity and have a bit of fun with your customers.

Here at Yo Telecom, we like to use our social media accounts as a way of showing what our culture is like so our customers don’t just know us as a business but as people too.

Communicate from Anywhere with Remote Access

With the working world becoming more flexible, a lot of employees are working from home or away from the main office. 10 years ago it may have been hard for these employees to stay connected to everyone, but today it’s never been easier.

Your employees no longer have to use their own personal mobile phones to stay in touch with the office. We now have access to dedicated business mobile phones for quick and easy communication.

As well as this, with more advanced technology for business phone systems, you can now use this to connect with your remote workforce. All it takes is a mobile phone app for your remote team to have access to your offices’ phone system.

Quick and Easy Collaboration

Things such as Google Docs have made it so easy for multiple employees to work on the same piece of work – and what’s better is that you don’t even need to be in the same room.

Incredible Training Opportunities

Thanks to technology we now have access to a whole range of new tools for training. What used to take a whole 3 day training course can now be learnt in a 2 hour video.

And thanks to phone system features like call recording you can listen to any call that has been made and received at your business. By doing this you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your team and coach them to become expert communicators on the phone!

Want to Change the way your Business Communicates?

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you change the way you communicate. Our mission is to help businesses increase their success by providing state of the art phone and WiFi systems!

You can call us on 02381 103195 to speak to one of our expert consultants. We’ll go through the needs of your business to find a solution that really suits you.

Alternatively, you can chat to a consultant via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, you can book a demo by clicking the button below:

The Benefits of Business Mobile Phones

The benefits of business mobile phones

Businesses are not just restricted to 9 – 5 office hours anymore. Due to this, business mobile phones are becoming a very important piece of business communications equipment. 

In this modern business world, your team shouldn’t just be restricted to working at their desk with a desk phone. Give them flexibility with a dedicated business mobile phone.

How is a Business Mobile Contract Different to a Standard Contract?

A business mobile contract will work in a similar way to your personal mobile contract, however, tariffs are more tailored towards the needs of businesses (for example, free calls and higher data allowances) and are at competitive prices. 

While you could just let your team use their personal mobile phones to save on costs, you run the risk of this becoming a distraction as they will be able to receive their personal messages and calls. 

With dedicated business mobile phones, your team will be able to experience great flexibility with no distractions. 

Not only are business mobiles great for increasing flexibility but they will also help improve the communication of your business in the following ways: 

Work Remotely

This is the most obvious benefit of having business mobiles. Your team will be able to work remotely while still having a connection to your main office. 

Email on the go

With a dedicated business mobile, your team are free to reply to emails no matter where they are. 

Plus, with a Yo Telecom business phone system, you can have your voicemails from your main business phone system emailed directly to your mobile so you never miss out on any messages. 

Not only will this maximise productivity but it will also improve enquiry response times. 

App Accessibility

You can miss a lot of calls when you’re out for lunch or just out of the office. Yo Telecom offers an app that links your main business phone system to your mobile so you can make and take calls (from your business phone number) wherever you are. 

This will allow you to never miss a call so you can respond to enquiries at any time. Plus you don’t have to worry about customers knowing your personal number. 

Better Time Management

Business mobiles can also help your team to organise their time better by having access to their calendar on the go so they can manage appointments, deadlines and meetings, as well as being able to set reminder alerts. 

When your team are more organised they can work to a higher standard. 

Overall business mobiles help to streamline your communication, making it easy for your customers to get through to you. 

Why Choose Yo Telecom for your Business Mobiles?

We’re proud to be partnered with some of the UK’s best mobile network providers to bring you the best business mobile tariffs at competitive prices. 

Our business mobiles also work seamlessly with our business phone systems to ensure your business has exceptional communication. 

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about our business mobile contracts (or our business phone systems) call us today on 02381 103195. 

Alternatively, you can chat to one of our expert consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!

The BT Switch Off – What’s New in 2019?

the bt switch off 2019

Businesses are now just one year away from not being able to purchase PSTN and ISDN solutions from BT. 

That’s right, in 2020 BT will be starting their phase-out of traditional phone systems for businesses. This is in preparation for their big switch off in 2025. This means if you’re looking to purchase a new PSTN or ISDN system, you will no longer be able to do so. 

You may be familiar with this information from our previous blog about the BT switch off. If this is all new to you, you can read our blog by clicking here to shed some light on the situation. 

One year on from our previous blog, what’s changed and what can you now expect to happen from the BT switch off?

Let’s begin!

What we Already Know

We know from last time that BT has announced they will be shutting off their traditional PSTN and ISDN phone lines for business users in 2025. 

There have been no updates to this statement and the switch off is still planned to go ahead on schedule. 

To clear up any confusions you may have, you will still be able to purchase a landline from BT for your home but you will no longer be able to purchase a traditional landline phone system as part of a business package. 

Instead BT will be pushing their business customers towards VOIP solutions.

To help make sense of all these abbreviations you can read our guide to tricky telecoms acronyms by clicking here

What’s Changed?

It’s now 2019 which means we’re getting closer and closer to the switch off. We’re now just 6 years away and, as of 2020, BT will stop offering PSTN and ISDN as a business solution.

How will this Affect your Business?

Over 2 million business users will be affected by this change. If you’re still using a landline phone at your business, you will be most affected by this change. 

If your contract with BT is set to end in 2020 you will not be able to renew your current ISDN/PSTN contract, you will either have to swap to a VOIP contract with BT or find a new provider. 

However as there has been no new technology made for traditional lines for quite some time, it’s likely that most other providers will start ceasing their use of these lines too. 

What are your Options?

If you haven’t started already, the best thing for your business is to start looking at alternative solutions. 

There are 3 main alternatives: 

  • A hosted phone system 
  • A VOIP phone system 
  • A hybrid phone system 

Each of these systems uses the internet to route your calls in one way or another, making them a lot more futureproof.

Which System is the Right Choice for your Business?

If you are unsure which type of system will benefit your business after the BT switch off, you can call us on 02381 103195. 

We’ll go through the needs of your business and help you to find a business telephony package to suit you. 

You can also chat with one of our expert consultants via our live chat to get your questions answered instantly. 

What is a DECT Phone System?

what is a dect phone system

If you’re in the market for a new phone system, DECT is probably just another confusing telecoms acronym that you’ve seen floating around. 

In this article, we’ll give you a quick explanation of what DECT is and what it can do for your business. 

Let’s get started! 

What is DECT?

DECT stands for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony. It is a wireless digital technology that allows you to make and take calls using a cordless telephone handset. 

You can read our full guide to cordless phones by clicking here!

How does DECT Work?

To keep it simple DECT is made up of two important parts, a base and a handset. The base will receive data (such as incoming calls) and will send this to the handset. When you talk into the speaker on your handset, this data is transferred back to the base. This is how calls are made.

What are the Advantages of DECT?

There are many advantages to using a DECT phone system. The main advantage is the flexibility it offers. 

By using a DECT phone system your team will not have to be tied to a desk and there’s no risk of getting tangled up in cables. 

You will also benefit from great sound quality!

Are There any Disadvantages?

The only minor disadvantage with DECT phones is that, just like your mobile phone, you will need to keep an eye on its battery. 

To make sure your handset is fully charged and ready to use, simply make sure you keep your cordless handset in its base when you’re not using it (for example, when you leave your office at the end of the day try to ensure all handsets are in their bases). 

Why Choose Yo Telecom as your DECT Phone System Provider?

You could easily go out and buy a set of cordless phones from many different high street retailers. This would be a cheap and easy solution to implementing DECT into your business. 

However, by doing this your cordless signal will not reach throughout your entire building. 

The base from a standard DECT phone has a limit on how far it can send signal. So if you have a big building with lots of rooms, it’s unlikely that your phone signal will be able to reach every room. Instead, you will experience lots of crackling on the line and even calls cutting out completely.

At Yo Telecom we use base stations at specific points of your building to ensure you get cordless connection no matter where you are! This is how we guarantee complete cordless coverage.

Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about our business DECT or cordless phone solutions, we recommend that you read our complete guide to cordless phones

You can call us now on 02381 103195 to speak to one of our expert consultants and get your FREE demo booked in. You can also book your demo by clicking the button below. 

Yo Telecom Case Study – The Ralph

Case Study The Ralph

Earlier this year Yo Telecom took on a huge new project with The Ralph, a start-up veterinary referral clinic based in Marlow. 

As a start-up company, The Ralph needed a whole communications set-up in order for them to run their clinic effectively and efficiently. They chose Yo Telecom to take on this challenge.  

We had a chat with Iqbal Dhanji, Co-Founder and Finance Director of The Ralph, to find out about his experience with Yo Telecom.  

Tell us a bit About your Company and What it Does

Our company is a multi-disciplinary specialist veterinary hospital for small animals.

What Phone/Internet System were you Using Before Yo Telecom?

The Raph is a start-up, we had no internet or telecoms beforehand. It was a new building that we converted to a veterinary referral hospital and as we didn’t have a telephone system or an internet system we needed to find a supplier who would provide us what we needed for this start-up.

What was it that Made you Choose Yo Telecom?

We chose Yo Telecom from a list of three candidates, three companies that had pitched to us. 

One dropped out because they were just not up to scratch. We were down to two, Yo Telecom and one other. They were very close to each other but what stood out for us was that Yo Telecom showed how keen they were and how adaptable they would be to helping ensure that we could set up correctly. 

Being quite an ambitious start-up, taking on 65 employees at the start in a 25,000 square foot building we needed to make sure we got the right supplier who could help us make sure we set-up correctly and Yo Telecom showed to us that they could help us and adapt to our needs and they did just that.

What Equipment/Services did you Purchase?

The equipment and services that we needed was for Yo Telecom to provide us with a complete solution. As this was a new premises that was being converted we needed everything right from the basics. 

We needed a leased line, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a whole telephone system, Yo Telecom arranged that for us. We needed a complete network solution for all of our computers, for all of our staff, Yo Telecom provided that solution for us. 

They did all of our data cabling for us, they set up all of our cloud services for us, they did everything that we needed for our IT and telecoms to run a hospital that was completely cloud-based and at the cutting edge of technology for this industry. 

Since Getting this Equipment/Service, how Much has the day-to-day Running of your Business Improved?

With the equipment and services that Yo Telecom have provided us, it has provided us exactly what we needed as a start-up to make sure that the whole system worked seamlessly and worked correctly. Whenever we had any teething issues or snags, they were at hand to resolve it straight away for us. 

Our business has had no hiccups in the IT and telecoms so we’ve had no issues along the way to worry about. This was a major concern for us at the outset and Yo Telecom delivered it to us. We’re moving forward exactly the way we want, with the services we need. 

How do the Equipment/Services Implemented, Work Specifically for your Industry Sector?

The way the system has worked for us, I’ll split it into two – internally and externally. 

Internally within the hospital we’re able to communicate with each other seamlessly. On the telephone side, calls are received and if the office is busy it automatically transfers to our receptionist. If they’re busy it automatically transfers to the admin side. Calls are able to be transferred to one department to another and back again and across seamlessly. 

On the IT side, we’ve had all of our software running seamlessly and we’re using several pieces of software to communicate internally and to communicate externally with our referring practices. 

No other hospital in this country has the communications systems that we do with our referring practices. This was a risk for us, it hasn’t been tried before but we were going to try it because we were setting up from scratch.

The feedback we’ve had from our referring practices has been instrumental in us being able to become a success because they’re able to communicate with our specialists (and vice versa) without having to wait for each other because they are able to log on to our systems and pick up the information and know what’s happening to the patients without having to call somebody and speak to them. 

How did you Find the Process of Switching Over?

The whole process in identifying and working with an IT and telecoms provider goes back to using Yo Telecom in a related business, in healthcare, that I have where Yo Telecom approached us and helped us transform our telephone systems. I used that as a test to see how Yo Telecom would perform, to see whether they would be good enough for this business. 

They were absolutely amazing over there and they have proved themselves in this business as well. From the time and communications I have had with Nathan Hanslip, who is the Co-Founder of the business, to the other people who have helped put it all together. Nothing was too much trouble for them in helping make sure that we could set up correctly.

Would you Recommend Yo Telecom to Other Businesses Within your Sector? If so, why?

I won’t have any qualms about recommending Yo Telecom to other people in the industry. In fact, I have already recommended them to other businesses in other healthcare-related sectors to consider them in upgrading their telecoms using Yo Telecom. 

So the advice I would provide to other businesses in the industry would be to specify at the outset exactly what they want to achieve. We did that at the outset and we found Yo Telecom and they not only met our expectations they actually exceeded our expectations.

How would you rate Yo Telecom out of 10? And why that score?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would rate Yo Telecom 10/10 in terms of the delivery and the service that they have provided.
Want to Find out More?

Want more information on the phone system rated 10/10 by 1000s of businesses across the UK? Call us today on 02381 103195, we’ll talk through the needs of your business to help you find the perfect solution! 

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Yo Telecom Wins Best Business Telephone Systems Supplier Award

Best Business Telephone Systems Supplier Award 2019

Corporate Vision Magazine has recently announced the winners of their 2019 Telecoms Awards.

These awards are to honour those in the telecoms industry for helping to keep businesses connected to the world.

This year Yo Telecom was awarded the Best Business Telephone Systems Supplier award.

This is a great achievement and one that Yo Telecom are very proud of.

You can find a full list of this year’s winners by clicking here!

To read more about the categories and winners you can access the online issue of Corporate Vision Magazine by clicking here!

Want to get the Best Business Telephone System in Place at your Business?

Call us now on 02380 516986, we’ll talk through your business’ needs to find the perfect solution for you!

If you’d like to get the ball rolling now, you can book your FREE demo and consultation by clicking the button below.

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What is Fibre Broadband?

What is Fibre Broadband

If you’re looking for a new business broadband solution you may have seen the term fibre broadband commonly being used.

But what is fibre and how will it benefit your business?

In this article we will cover everything you need to know about fibre broadband to help you make the right choice for your business.

Let’s begin!

What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is an internet connection that is transferred through fibre optic cables underground.

How is it Different to a Standard Broadband Connection?

A standard broadband connection will use your business’ existing broadband and phone line connections.

Due to this, standard business broadband connections are more common. Fibre broadband connections aren’t currently available in all parts of the UK. A fibre check will need to be conducted in order to see if your area has access to fibre broadband.

What are the Benefits of Fibre Broadband?

With a fibre broadband connection you will experience many benefits including much faster speeds.

By having fast internet speeds your team will be able to work more efficiently, which will help to increase the productivity of your workforce.

A more productive workforce will inevitably result in greater profit levels and a more successful business.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of fibre broadband is that it is not yet available in all parts of the UK which means that not all businesses will have access to it.

However the government are rolling out schemes to get fibre across more areas.

Fibre may also be slightly more expensive than a standard business broadband connection (but not bank breaking) and the productivity you will experience thanks to supefast speeds will be well worth the extra pennies.

How do you Know if Fibre Broadband is Right for Your Business?

There are some simple questions to ask yourself to find out if fibre broadband is right for your business.

The first being whether the internet is crucial for the running of your business. Now this may seem like a silly question as the internet is needed for almost everything these days.

If you’re just using your internet connection to send a few emails and for the odd Google search here and there, it’s likely that you’ll be fine with just a standard connection as the demand wont be that great.

However If you have lots of employees or customers (or both) that are trying to access the internet at the same time, fibre broadband will be a good choice for you.

The other important question will be whether fibre is available in your area.

If you find that fibre broadband is not available where your business is located – don’t worry! Yo Telecom supply standard business broadband connections that will give you great speeds and will cover your entire building!

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Stay Connected to your Remote Workforce

Stay Connected to your Remote Workforce

Future thinking businesses are increasing the flexibility of their workforce – allowing them to work from outside of their main office.

But how do you stay connected to a remote team?

In this article you will find out 3 simple ways Yo Telecom can help you stay connected to your remote workforce.

1. Divert Calls to a Mobile Phone

If someone calls into your office asking for a member of your remote team you can easily get into a dangerous game of telephone cat and mouse (a lot of messages being left and no one really getting anywhere).

If this caller is a prospective customer, chances are they will get extremely frustrated with this poor communication and will head to one of your competitors instead. Similarly, existing customers will begin to get fed up of struggling to get through to you.

With a Yo Telecom phone system, you can divert that call to a mobile phone, allowing you to pass that call through to the correct member of staff.

Your customers will love your quick response times and your business will run a lot more efficiently.

2. Conference Calls

If you ever need to have a team meeting but it’s hard to pin everyone down to meet at your office, conference calling will become your best friend.

All you have to do is get everyone to dial into the call and you can have your meeting from wherever you and your team members are.

You can also use conference calls to help boost motivation within your remote team.

By having morning calls with the whole team, you can all catch up with each other and find out how everyone is getting on. By doing this your team will feel more connected and in touch with each other. It can get quite lonely if your team are based at their home or on road so taking the time to have a quick morning call will remind them that they are part of a larger team who are all working towards a shared goal.

More motivated employees produce higher levels of work so it’s important to ensure the morale of your remote team is always high.

3. Unified Communications

By introducing Unified Communications to your business your whole team will have access to the same technology that you have at your office. This means that no matter where your team are based they will benefit from great functionality.

When everyone has the same access, everyone will be on the same page and no one will have greater facilities than another.

It also means that no one has to waste time trying to track down messages, contacts or files.

Overall Unified Communications help to create easy collaboration between your team (even if they’re based at opposite ends of the country). Allowing them to work on projects together without face-to-fact interaction.

You can read our guide to Unfied Communications here!


If you want to easily connect your main office to your remote workers, swap to a Yo Telecom phone system!

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