Advantages of a Hybrid Phone System

The Advantages of a Hybrid Phone System

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Hybrid phone systems are becoming increasingly popular for businesses nowadays.


But what is a hybrid phone system and what advantages can they offer your business? In this article, we will be discussing just that!


Let’s start with the basics!


What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A hybrid phone system offers you the best of both worlds, it’s a blend of a digital phone system and a cloud-based (VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system.


This means that you can make and take calls using digital lines, VOIP lines and analogue lines.


The system will be located in your business and can offer you flexibility with your choice of fixed or cordless handsets.


What Advantages can a Hybrid Phone System Offer Your Business?

Having a hybrid phone system can offer your business a range of advantages, let’s discuss a few of these below:


Improved Reliability

The main advantage of a hybrid phone system is it’s reliability! If one type of line fails for you, your system will automatically be able to route calls through a backup line.


Meaning your callers can always get through to you and you can always get through to them.


Increased Scalability

If you’re growing your business, you’ll need to add new users throughout time as you recruit new employees.


New employees means more handsets and more lines. With a hybrid phone system, this doesn’t have to mean you need to invest in more hardware!


It’s quick and easy to add new users to your system!


This helps to make your communications set up more customisable as you can constantly be tweaking things to really meet the needs of your business.


Utilise Your Current Infrastructure

A hybrid phone system will make use of the current lines you have at your business, this means installation costs are lower than they might be with other types of system as you don’t need to start from scratch.


Installations are easy and painless – especially when carried out by a Yo Telecom engineer!


Gives you a Taste of the Cloud

You may have heard people raving about cloud-based (or VOIP) communications. If you aren’t ready to make the switch, the hybrid phone system is the answer for you.


You get all the modern features and flexibility of an internet-based phone system, but also the reliability and security of having a back up digital system that runs through fixed lines.


Giving you the best of both worlds.


How can you get a Hybrid Phone System in Place at Your Business?

If you like what you’ve read and want your business to experience all the benefits a hybrid phone system can offer, call Yo Telecom now on 02382 146115.


We can schedule a FREE consultation and demonstration of our phone system so you can see it in action!


We’ll come to your business and create a tailored communications plan that will help you to achieve your business goals.



The hybrid phone system is the most reliable type of system you can buy for your business and it also provides great functionality and flexibility!


Bring your business into the 21st century today and give Yo Telecom a call on 02382 146115.


Alternatively, you can talk to one of our expert telecoms consultants via our live webchat to get your questions answered instantly!

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