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3 Ways Estate Agents can Increase Their Success with a new Phone System

When you receive a call at your estate agency, it’s important you answer it as soon as possible! It could be someone enquiring about a house viewing or a client wanting an update on their purchase. Buying or selling a house is an extremely stressful situation and your clients won’t appreciate struggling to get through to you!

Having an up to date phone system will ensure that communication runs smoothly between you and your clients. In this article we will discuss how implementing a new phone system will help to increase the success of your estate agency.

When is it Time to Invest in a new Phone System?

It’s time to update your your communications set-up if you’re suffering from any of the following problems:

  • Your clients are getting frustrated trying to get their questions answered.
  • You want to find a way to streamline communication between your main office and team members who are often working out of the office.
  • You want to keep track of the calls that are coming in and out of your agency.

If these concerns sound familiar, Yo Telecom are here to help you! We’ve built up a knowledge of helping over 1000 businesses, like your estate agency, and have the perfect solution.

3 Ways Estate Agents Can Increase Their Success With A New Phone System

01. Return Your Missed Calls

Missing a call as an estate agent is a dangerous game. When looking at houses, clients will want an answer immediately so they don’t miss out on their dream property. If you happen to miss a call, the Call Logging feature of the Yo Telecom phone system will be a big help. This feature works exactly like the call log on your mobile phone by keeping track of your calls and notifying you as soon as you miss one. This will allow you to pleasantly surprise your callers by calling them back as soon as possible. Chances are we’ll be able to integrate our phone system with your CRM software, so you’ll be able to see exactly who has called you! This shows a great level of customer service and results in very happy clients who have got their questions answered and house viewings booked.

02. Easily Settle Disputes

Getting caught up in ‘he said, she said’ debates are a thing of the past. Call Recording will allow you to record every call that you make and receive at your estate agency, meaning you have a record of every interaction! If your team or a client ever have to query something that has been said in an agreement over the phone, you’ll be able to go back to that call and listen to it to find out exactly what was said. This feature also comes in handy if you need to re-listen to any important information that you may not have been able to note down – such as move in/move out dates, appointment times etc.

03. Keep in Touch with Your Clients

In your line of work, it’s only natural that you and your team will spend a lot of time out of the office conducting viewings and having meetings with clients. Due to this, many of your team may rely on their mobile phone to stay in contact with the your main office. With a Yo Telecom phone system, you can have your voicemails emailed directly to a mobile phone! So your staff who are out on the road can stay up to date with, and reply to, any messages that are left for them at the office. This will help to improve your response times and lead to happier, more informed clients! With Call Transfer, you can also transfer any call you receive at your main office to a mobile number! Overall this helps your communication to become more centralised and streamlined, while ensuring that all queries can be responded to quickly and easily.


Having a good communications set-up will allow your team to be available to book in viewings, schedule appointments and answer queries at all times! This will lead to higher volumes of sales and will place you ahead of your competition, in terms of customer service.

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