6 Ways 21st Century Phone Systems Help Pharmacies Succeed

Phone System for Pharmacies

We know that running a pharmacy can be a hectic job.

Managing your staff, making sure you have the correct stock and keeping track of prescriptions – all while trying to give the best possible care to your customers. It can be a lot!

One thing we’ve noticed often gets neglected is communication. Which is one of the most crucial things you need to succeed.

If you look at any successful organisation, you’ll notice they’re great communicators in one way or another.

To guarantee the long term success of your pharmacy, it’s important you make great communication a priority. You’ll be glad to hear that the Yo Telecom pharmacy phone system will help make your communication great and, as a result, will help you increase the success of your pharmacy. Here’s how…

1. Save Time When Customers Phone you with Pharmacy Management Software Integration

You probably use a pharmacy management software, such as ProScript by EMIS, which contains a database of your customers and their records.

The Yo Telecom phone system integrates with this software, allowing you to WOW your callers by knowing their name and details before you’ve even answered the phone.

This will help to decrease the time your calls take, as your team will not have to get spellings of names and load up documents. Plus this means you can greet your callers with their name, adding a personal touch and showing great customer service.

You can also dial from your software.

Altogether this helps to create a more efficient and easy communication process.

2. Answer More Calls and Increase Productivity with Headsets

When people phone your pharmacy, chances are they want information and they want it quick!

But often, the calls you receive will be shared around the pharmacists who are on shift at the time while they get on with their day to day tasks. This means that calls can easily be missed.

Say you have one pharmacist in the back, checking stock and one stacking shelves in the front – if the phone rings on your front desk, it’s highly likely this call will be missed.

This could be an important call about a prescription, or even a doctor trying to get through to you.

With a Yo Telecom phone system, you have the flexibility to let your team work ‘hands free’. By wearing a headset your team will be able to take a call no matter where they are in your pharmacy.

Meaning they can talk on the phone while carrying on with their tasks, so productivity is not slowed down and no call is missed.

3. Improve the Communication Skills of your Team

When a customer calls into your pharmacy, you need to make sure the quality of your communication is excellent.

If your communication does not meet or exceed the expectations of your customers (eg. lots of umming and erring, or saying ‘the person you need to speak to isn’t here, can you call back’), it’s likely that team member will form an unhelpful impression of your pharmacy.

This is where Call Recording becomes extremely valuable.

It enables you to review any interactions your staff have had with customers. You can then use the recordings as part of staff training to help you identify any areas of improvement.

4. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Engaged Tone

If you still have a traditional analogue phone system at your pharmacy, you will only be able to make and take one call at a time.

So if you are already on the line and a customer calls you with an important question about their prescription, they will just be greeted with this annoying tone.

This doesn’t exactly create a good impression does it?

With the Yo Telecom Call Queing feature, you can place your callers in a queue while they wait for their call to be answered.

This is the perfect time to use our on hold marketing/music feature, which will allow you to play important messages about your pharmacy (such as opening times) while they wait.

This helps to keep callers on the line, rather than them hanging up and feeling frustrated.

5. Keep Track of your Call Statistics

With the number of calls your pharmacy receives on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep up with them.

With a Statistics Wallboard you can see important information about your calls, such as how long it takes your team to answer, how many calls you receive, how many calls each person has taken and average call time.

Knowing this information can help you set targets for your team. For example, if the time it takes to answer is slower than you would like you can put incentives in place to help increase this.

You can also use these stats to praise those who are answering lots of calls.

6. Quickly and Easily Transfer your Calls

You may have team members all over your pharmacy – or even based at other sites if your pharmacy has multiple branches.

If you need a certain team member to answer specific questions, you can waste time running around from the front of the shop to your back office.

With Call Transfer you can quickly and easily transfer a call to any other handset in your pharmacy and even connect your phones to other branches to transfer a call there.

If you have pharmacists that travel between your branches and are hard to catch on the phone – you can use this feature to transfer a call from your main office to their mobile phone.

This helps to ensure that your customers speak to the right person and makes communication a lot smoother.


Investing in great communications leads to greater success and happier customers.

The combined improvements that are a result of just these 6 points can add to the customer service you provide at your pharmacy. Resulting in customers that are happier due to simple and helpful communication.

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