You can find more information on our partners and the way we work with them below. There is also more information on our partners with links to their websites.

Partner of Unify




 Unify is a global communications software and services company. Using Siemens engineering, Unify provide integrated communication based upon reliability, and providing networking solutions for 75% of the global 500.

We are the biggest reseller of Unify Systems in the UK and hold the award for new reseller of the year.

To read further into our partner, you can visit the Unify Website.

Ombudsman Services

 Ombudsman Logo



We have now partnered with Ombudsman Services. Ombudsman services provide dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries.

If we are unable to deal with your complaint or it is out of our control, Ombudsman Services may be able to help. For more information visit:

If we cannot resolve your complaint and you wish to pursue it further, you can contact Ombudsman Services once your complaint has lasted over eight weeks. If at anytime we decide we will not be taking your customer complaint further, we will send you a final response letter that explains what you should do next. Got the Ombudsman Services Website to read further.

Tech Partnership

tech partnership logo


Tech Partnership is a growing network of employers who inspire young people about technology by providing apprenticeships within the industry and allowing them to pursue a career in technology.

We are working with Tech Partnership allowing apprentices to join our lively team as telemarketers in order to learn the ropes of our business model and how we work, with potential to develop into field sales career. Visit the Tech Partnership Website if you’re interested in such great opportunities.

New Horizons

new horizons logo



New Horizons are currently the world’s largest independent IT training company providing 300 computer training centres in 70 countries. We partnered with New Horizons to provide apprentices a location to earn and learn in our specific industry. New Horizons offer the leading global IT training certification programme that is recognised in the industry. If you aged between 16-24 and looking for a new challenge in the IT industry go to New Horizons Website.

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