Why Yo?

Yo Telecom was created with the idea of becoming the UK’s leading telecommunications provider that specialises in small to medium sized businesses. In such a competitive market where there are hundreds of service providers, Yo Telecom offer a fresh approach to help you unify all your suppliers into one simple, broken down, monthly bill.

Yo Telecom specialise in creating an unbeatable voice, data, mobile and telephony solution for your business – whether your home office based, or have 250 employees in 10 locations around the country. Our expert knowledge can make a great difference to your business, helping you to become more efficient, effective and send productivity through the roof!

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring all small to medium business into the 21st century with their business communications. Using the most up to date products to ensure our customers become, and constantly remain steps ahead of their competition.


Yo Telecom’s technical experts revolutionise technologies and products, then add them to our portfolio, therefore we can provide you with all of your communications needs. We currently have a portfolio of products that range from fibre optic broadband, business mobiles, business telephone systems, wholesale calls and lines packages and much more. With every corner of communications covered, there is no need to look elsewhere.

Simplified Solutions

Our aim is to make the process of choosing a communications solution as hassle-free as possible. Rather than purchasing four or five services with separate suppliers, Yo’s extensive product range enables us to consolidate all your suppliers into one simple monthly bill. Removing the complexity of multiple bills allows you to save valuable time that can be re-invested into other areas of your business.


As an independent provider we are always able to offer impartial advice, enabling us to create cost-effective solutions specific to your business’ requirements. Through developing strong and strategic relationships with our suppliers, we can pass on a range of benefits to our customers. This collaborative approach allows us to find the very best products and services available to create bespoke solutions that add real value to your business.


We are a UK focused and resourced business. Your solutions are designed and implemented by professionals who understand the UK market and your challenges, supported by a UK team of technical specialists. When you contact us with a support issue, our staff will understand your problem and identify the right path and resource to deal with it efficiently for a speedy resolution.


Some of our larger competitors can take a lot of time to get products to market and into the businesses that need them. Yo is efficient in delivering the very latest technology solutions and our size allows us to be fleet footed and to keep ahead of trends in the sector, ensuring that your business receives the best possible advice and service. Our dedicated support teams are also available to you 24/7 so that any issues can be resolved quickly to keep your business running smoothly.

Want to know more?

Simply contact a member of our sales team on 02380 516980. We will be more than happy to provide the information you require.

Our Ethos

We’re dedicated to giving you the best service possible. And we’ll prove it. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do our best to correct the problem. Fast and free.

To us, communication is like fine art. Nobody loves it more than we do. We pledge to pamper it and give it the white glove treatment every time.

Superhuman brainpower has its price, but we promise to be reasonable and fair. In fact, if you’re not satisfied, we’re determined to make it right.

You know your technology better than anyone — it’s personal to you. If something doesn’t feel right after the appointment, let us hear about it right away.

Yes we’re geeks, but we won’t talk over your head. When we work with you, we’ll walk you through the process so you can do the little things to keep your technology running smoothly.

Find out how we grow over 400% every year!

"Very impressed. The book has inspired me during an expansion of my business - so it's done its job. And seeing as your purpose for the book is to help others, you've helped me!" - Jack Reid, Managing Director