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Reliable, Easy-To-Use Telephone Systems

Call Recording

Call Recording will enable you to record all telephone orders and discussions and you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed, which resolves any disputes.

Call Management

Call Logging will enable you to manage & improve the use of telecoms throughout your business by delivering a wide range of reports, showing you what is going on within your business.

Voice Mail

Yo Telecom Voice Mail doesn't just record messages. It allows you to take advantage of an abundance of features to keep your customers content, whilst improving your business.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration brings together business and telecoms data in real-time and uses it to speed up call handling, improving the quality of service offered to customers.

On Hold Marketing

Stand out from the crowd, turn boring on hold times into invaluable marketing opportunities. Plus make your customers happier by psychologically reducing wait times.

Mobile Extension

This allows anyone in your business to use their mobile, to make, receive & transfer calls, as an extension of your Yo Telecom business system. Whether its a 10 year old Nokia, or the latest iPhone.

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